By moonbears - 22/10/2015 16:46 - United States - Portland

Today, as I tried to parallel park at a busy spot downtown, a group of teens jumped in front of my car and started a slow clap. FML
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Should give them a little bumper love tap...

You should have slowly given them the finger!


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You should have slowly given them the finger!

Like Chris Pratt did in Guardians Of The Galaxy before being sent to The KYLN. :)

Wow, so safe of them

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You were one of the slow clappers... we all know

Should give them a little bumper love tap...

I can't even think of why someone would do that.

Because they suck at parallel parking?.. Duh

I hate parallel parking, where I live there isn't many places to do it so I have very little practice, it makes it a bit annoying when I do have to try. Usually there are spaces where I can just drive forwards into it when I do have to park like that. I'll admit, I suck at parallel parking :)

Slowly gives them the finger..

wow, i wish someone would have commented that sooner!

Wow I didn't see it!

Evil little pricks. Funny but evil.

Sorry you had to encounter these people. Honestly, some teens are fucked up today.

Why does all the blame be based on today? I guarantee people have always been stupid.

Exactly. Guess who invented the old "flaming poop on the door-step?" Not today's teenagers! Therefore, punk ass teenagers have always existed.

At least they had a sense of humor.