By scarletscarface - 30/03/2012 03:00 - United States - Yorba Linda

Today, I gave myself paper cuts on the sides of my mouth while licking the cover of a pudding cup. FML
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scarletscarface tells us more.

Well, when i removed the cover, I decided to try to get the pudding off all at one time. So part of it was in my mouth. When I slid it out, I did get all the pudding off, but also managed to cut my mouth :( I wont be making that mistake again...

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Now you can be The Joker and say "Would you like to know how I got these scars?"

Have fun eating for the next few days


Have fun eating for the next few days

And talking and smiling and laughing.

25- ORRRR, we should hope he ENJOYS lemon.. That way we get another FML story. :)

Jalapeños sound good!

OP is female btw

Were u deep throatin the thing for all the pudding on it?

*not sure if gusta*

Why so serious?


I dont blame him

Next time I'd say try using some fingers! I hear they work wonders.

Some pudding cups might prefer that that you stick to using fingers, but they want you to really put your mouth in there

How about a spoon?

Spoons are for pussies

So, you use a spoon?

Not trying to be a smartass but shouldnt it be called a pudding cut not paper?

61- I eat soup with chop sticks. >:)

We got a badass over here!

Your profile picture looks like you're on the toilet

Wow, it really does

Ouch.. paper cuts are the worst. The only reason this would be acceptable for me is if it was chocolate pudding!

I clicked on you :)

I know, I felt it ;)

I click you whenever i see any of your commets. I just can't hold my self from not doing it. To prove: You used have a text saying "you clicked on me am i that sexy?" or something like that Now it is "you clicked on me, why?" Are you born like that ? Shit i m soo rude but i cant resist from my curiocity. Sorry

80 - Wow, you must really think I'm sexy.

Ummm... Just a question, is your profile picture an ACTUAL picture of YOU????? Or is it somebody else... I'm thinking you're in dire need of a bath, a haircut, and... WAIT! I know, that's your Halloween costume, isn't it?

I used to lick the covers of pudding cups, until I took a cut to the tongue? Ah, I tried my best

don't be shy, just say it.

Taking an Arrow to the knee would be worse ;)

49 - No. Paper cuts burn like the fury of a million suns, sting with the venom of thousands of scorpions, and cause you to shriek like a banshee in agony. An arrow just makes you a cripple.

Have you ever ate a chip thats in the shape of a triangle and cut the roof of your mouth? It hurts soooo fucking bad!!

Now you can be The Joker and say "Would you like to know how I got these scars?"

Me first thought exactly.

Then in your regular voice say "pudding cup".

well how viciously were you licking the wrapper? Savage.

I've seen a few people get really into licking those wrappers like it was the last pudding on earth.

Wouldn't they go slowly to savor it then?

I never said they didn't go slowly. They just get really into it.

I tried pudding myself in your shoes but I just couldn't cut it

.... A for effort.

Why so serious? ;(

I suppose you have a small cut on your face. Why so serious?