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Today, I was sent a letter by the vet, saying my cat was late for her yearly checkup. My cat died last week and I'd had her cremated by the same people who had sent the letter. FML
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Comet_Candy 23

Aw OP, I'm so sorry for your loss...

GhettoXmuffin 7

I'm sure they're just kittin around. Seriously though, sorry about your cat.


TheElderTROLLZ 15

Yeah, we couldn't figure that out ourselfs..

Too bad they're suck dickheads. It's okay though. My aunt got her husbands dentist and doctor letters for three years. Didn't help the grieving process.

Same thing happened to me last week. My dad got called up for jury service on tuesday, too bad he died two weeks ago.

Comet_Candy 23

Aw OP, I'm so sorry for your loss...

That's awful Original Poster. As everyone else, I'm incredibly sorry for your loss. It doesn't help that your vet doesn't have their shit together. I bet when you opened the letter, you were expecting an "I'm sorry for your loss" note. What a slap in the face.

17, I'm not going to thumb you down because you have your own opinion. I'm attached to our dog and I have her for medical reasons. Terminally ill patients, such as myself, are recommended to get a dog because it gives them something to look forward to, instead of going to a ton of doctor appointments. Furthermore, it requires me to take care of my dog, which feels nice, because I'm used to having everyone take care of me. Some people don't think of their pets as their family, which is their choice, but the people who love their pets so dearly, will feel a void in their life. Thus, the original poster feels a loss and that's why most people are saying, "Sorry for you loss."

Comet_Candy 23

17 - I'm not going to thumb you down, either. As an animal lover, I see my pets as family. They've been there for me through thick and thin... They love unconditionally. They may not be human but they sure do mean the world to me. And I'm sure OPs cat meant a lot to them, too.

30, I didn't think you were rude. You have a right to state your opinion. You openly admit you don't get attached to animals, therefore, you didn't realize her loss. That's why I explained why I am attached and how others could be as well. All is good in the FML world lol. Everyone has a right to speak (write out in this case) their mind but not everyone has to agree :-).

curlyfry33 8

17, Not going against or for what you said but you mourn for the death of a family member because you love them, correct? People can love cats or any other animals also, they may not be human but their still living breathing creatures capable of bringing joy to people.

17, 24, & 25, I'm not thumbing any of you down for the fact that you all handled your different view maturely without causing a "fml petty argument". Good Job:) haha.

flockz 19

i thumbed all of you down because i didn't want to make any decisions.

Adding my opinion... That I, myself, would be devastated if my current kitty passed away. I have experienced the loss of a pet before.. & with that, I do not see how a person who has a pet cannot consider them a "part of the family"?! & just feel they are just an animal that is there who can be replaced so easily.. That is my opinion though. Obviously others think differently... I believe it also matters on how long you have had the pet, if they are considered JUST yours rather than a pet that is in your house but might be considered your parents, or the family's pet (that they picked out and take care of majority of the time), when you got it, how you got it, etc... You tend to become more attached to one that is just yours. One you raised since it was a baby & have had for a number of years. I feel it is a bond, just as strong as one you can have with a human.

17, ...I don't know how you ended up with so many thumbs down since everyone here apparently doesn't want to commit to having an opinion on your comment - but I certainly thumbed you down. Not so much because of your obvious lack of thought in that comment, but rather because somehow you think that humans are some kind of special species that need to be held in higher regard than every other lowly animal life form. Hate to break it to you, but at the end of the day we are all just a combination of elements destined for the same fate. Your misplaced sense of superiority doesn't change the fact.

My dog died a few days ago and is getting cremated soon :c its ok OP, life sucks

Really, 17? My four dogs are just as much a part of the family as any person. I definitely consider them equal to humans, even better sometimes because unlike people, they show unconditional love.

We have had our cat for 13 yrs, she does tricks like a dog does, & meows back when you say hi, or ask her if she wants outside, & also meows "hi" when she comes in from outside. Each one has their own personality as people do & I am totally NOT looking forward to the day that we lose her!!!! How can you figure that someone (or to you, something ) that you see & spend time with everyday is not appropriate for someone to say, " sorry for your loss", it is possible that OP hasn't got any children & therefore an animal takes the place of that void in their life, making them even more attached to their pets!!!!! They do become a member of your family, & I feel so sorry for anyone who doesn't appreciate them on that level!!!!!

First off, I am sorry for your loss. In the defense of the vet though, a lot of times things like that are handled by third-party automatic mailing systems and not handled directly by the vet's office staff. I doubt the office would have sent that letter out themselves. Most people who work in jobs dealing with animals are very mindful of the close relationships owners have with their pets.

RedPillSucks 31

@Baustigt Ok, I'll start. You st***d m**her f**ker, c**k su**ing, two ba**ed b***h!!!!! How could you think that way??? Feel better?

70, Sorry I let you down haha. You're thinking of either DocBastard or Perdix :-). Personally, I don't try to insult people, especially over the internet, because they stated their opinion. Now, if he called us all idiots for caring for the original poster's loss, (sadly for you) I would have asked him to explain why we are all idiots. Seeing as I'm very ill, I don't use my little my time putting other people down. I'm actually an oddball and ask why people feel that way. But I do thoroughly enjoy other comments, on FML, when people act like as if they are going to get a prize for using the most amounts of insults in a comment. Very amusing! :-)

62, Thank you. I guess being mature on here might anger other people though ;-)...jk

I personally don't believe automated, impersonal remarks adequately assuage another human's grief nor express any true understanding of another human's suffering. I think it wiser to express empathy in one's own words and even better to express empathy with a hug (which cannot be done via the internet).

Hah, excellent Baustigt, you have made my day! i also enjoyed the civility. I'm a veterinarian and am daily amazed at the beauty and love of the human animal bond.

JulietRose 10

OP, I also want to say that I am sorry for your loss and I hope that you will feel better soon. When I was 14, I lost my cat and he was a part of my family before I was! It was so sad. Losing a pet is difficult. Just remember how much fun you had with your cat! :) hope u feel better.

For many people, pets ARE family members. My beloved Miss Kitty certainly was. The cat I live with now, Penelope, certainly is. So "sorry for your loss" is perfectly appropriate, as people do grieve when their pets die. I was a total wreck after I had to put my cat down, and she was 18 years old and had been sick for a while. As for letter OP received, I have to wonder if they mailed it before the cat died, and the mails were slow (it can happen). That would be a logical explanation. Hopefully s/he will get a sympathy card from them shortly.

The entire fml community mourns with you op. Your vet probably forgot to disable the auto response msg sender after a week.

This is so weird because just yesterday the vet called me to tell me that my dog was due for something and I had to tell her that my dog had passed away 6 months ago. To be fair, this was a specialized vet that we went to, and not the one that we went to when the dog was dying.

I've had my dog for 11 years and I am so scared to lose her. Every time I see her laying down with closed eyes unmoving my heart cracks in two. I don't want to lose my baby! Had her since I was kid.

GhettoXmuffin 7

I'm sure they're just kittin around. Seriously though, sorry about your cat.

wlddog 14

They were just making sure the cremation took. The pets are the first to rise for the zombie apocalypse.

Or mail usually takes a week or more to ship to your house and they sent it before your kitty passed away. Sorry though ): it's so sad

You're vet is also a cremator? Bet they do taxidermy too

The vet does not cremate the animal but simply calls another business who will cremate the animal.

5, I don't think I'd like my pet freeze dried after death, it'd be creepy to see it's body and yet it's not alive, I don't know about you, but I couldn't do that

Whoops didn't see the cremated part. Sorry fellow Fml'ers.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Their cat got cremated, so I don't think it's possible to send the body...

Didn't think about it when I posted this. Whoops

curlyfry33 8

For 1 that was pretty heartless and 2 you didn't even get your information right, I hope your embarrassed because you deserve it, it's just another dead animal until it happens to your pet. That's karma for you

You people need to chill! She said sorry and everything...

RedPillSucks 31

Just press the cremated remains into a cat form, or mix it with clay and make a cat figurine. Then send it to the vet.

She apologised for being uncapable of reading, not for the twisted suggestion she made. Unless No JK suddenly means the exact opposite of its literal meaning, or she forgot the damn comma too.

Quit being so damn harsh on people. She apologized. Jesus ****. It's like you have nothing better to do than thumb her to kingdom come.

A7X_LoVeee 10

^ Your momma has to wash your mouth out with soap.

Thank you, Nevershoutkendal. People are allowed to make mistakes and if you could erase posts, I would.

132- Come to think of it, I've never cursed in front of someone I respect very much. Considering there are a lot of lowlifes on here, I let loose.

hotPinklipstick 24

Wow, I'm sorry OP. They probably just hadn't updated their information in the computer yet and sent the letter without double checking.

vintagemeow 6

Sorry OP, that's catastrophically purr behaviour.

curlyfry33 8

I felt bad laughing at that...then I saw meow in the posters name...

Take the cremation into the vet and say he is here for his yearly check up!