By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I got home from work to find my house covered in graffiti dicks, the windows smashed, the front lawn entirely ripped up, and my letter box containing dog shit. I also found a note taped to the door saying, "Suck on this Darren". Darren is my next door neighbor. FML
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Call the police, if someone has done this to Darren it's probably something that needs to get checked out.
People don't rip up other people's houses just for fun, your neighbor's in some sort of scam.


I'm thinking, if they hate him that much, they would most likely come back to see Darren cleaning it up. So, put a giant sign outside your house that says 'Darren lives next door, bitches'. Expect results within three days. Then make Darren clean up your property as well. Ultimate revenge.