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  Ankhurth  |  0

wait.. how did the letter came to ur neighbour? why? ur gf lives near you? wtf how can you miswrite something that is really similar to your own adress!?

  bryttkneee  |  0

if she really lives that close to you, couldn't you have just walked it over?...

I mean it would be faster than wasting a stamp, waiting for the mail man to pick up the outgoing mail, be processed, and then redelivered to what could possibly be the SAME street? just saying O.o

  s_me_ashley  |  2

oh yeah and you should tell ur gf what happened so she doesn't think you totally ignored her... i feel bad for both of you, her neighbour prob got rlly excited lmao!!! still i feel bad for all three =/

By  Brave_Sir_Robin  |  4

If she invites you over to fix her "plumbing," simply reply that it will cost her. When she asks (in a sexy voice), "Well, what would you like in payment for your... services?" reply back, "Twenty-five dollars in cash."

When she responds with a, "Well, is there any other way to pay for this?" and points to her unbuttoned blouse, smile and respond with a simple, "I'll also take a check."

This is assuming, of course, that your neighbor is a "Cougar", "MILF", or female with average looks. If it's a guy, well... stay the course, I guess.


rofl... i take credit card too... or just a couple of cents, no trouble, you know what? don't worry about it... wait... no, no, NOOOO! *is dragged into neighbours house*