By Arp - 04/02/2012 20:46 - United States

Today, I got an early Valentine's day card. My boyfriend and I recently broke up, and my hopes shot up thinking it might be from him. It wasn't. It was from my parents. FML
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Well at least their love in forever. Don't lose hope though, Cupid still has time!


Well at least their love in forever. Don't lose hope though, Cupid still has time!

chillyCholo 5

Yea, because who cares about your parents loving you

15-that's pure appreciation right there! Good for you!

i think 15 was being sarcastic . -__-

chillyCholo 5

Me and my cat always send each other valentines cards every year.....

Zahur 0

i was like wtf? thumbs down on ur comment?

GovernorGeneral 8

Omg #37 me and my dog do that too !!!

I don't even get valentines cards from my parents ):

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Parents. The ultimate trolls.

My parents slap me in the face repeatedly with valentine cards they get from their friends.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

What? You don't get V-Day cards from your family?

2ndSucks 15

It's a sadly overlooked notion nowadays.

2ndSucks 15

As demonstrated so perfectly right here on FML!

Why don't 70 & 96 just hump & fuct off already. Too much ****.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#120 - ***** Also, "****" means same. So, what you just same is "too much same." The ****? If you're going to say that's it's too much homosexuality, then spell out the whole word. It looks stupid when you just say "****" instead of "homosexual." (Pet peeve? Yes, it is.)

valentines day is for romance, not family!

slushybox 9

Better than it being from the dentist like other fmls :)

I saw that rather et a card from my parents than the dentist...

I sense many valentines day related FMLs in the near future

They were just trying to cheer you up OP. idk why people are so stuck on valentines day anyway

bamagrl410 31

I actually dislike it. I don't need one specific day that requires my boyfriend spend tons of money on a fancy dinner & a gift. If you can only tell the person you're with how much you like them once a year, you're doing it wrong.

why cant there be a day for singles? embrace the day where you are not tied down and can do what ever the **** you want! :)

Wat are U talking about everyday is awesome for singles u don't have someone whining at u where are u? Wat are u doing? Who are u with? Cause u can do wateva the f&$) u want :)

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#121 - Mother of God. Shut up or use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling. I can actually feel my brain disintegrating just by reading your sloppy comment.

I'm sure they were trying to cheer you up, it must suck that you were dumped so close to valentines day. They're just lookin out for you OP.

Show some appreciation, at least they went through the trouble to help you on account of a recent breakup.

HannahWho 8

I don't know if I think a card is help. While it was a nice gesture, there is no guarantee the parents even knew she had a break up. Or they might have. Either way, a card does not make the pain of a break up go away.

Buttsexpirate 9

And they called it parental love. Oooooh!