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#120 - Fuck*

Also, "homo" means same. So, what you just same is "too much same." The fuck? If you're going to say that's it's too much homosexuality, then spell out the whole word. It looks stupid when you just say "homo" instead of "homosexual." (Pet peeve? Yes, it is.)

  bamagrl410  |  31

I actually dislike it. I don't need one specific day that requires my boyfriend spend tons of money on a fancy dinner & a gift. If you can only tell the person you're with how much you like them once a year, you're doing it wrong.

  hailey690  |  3

Wat are U talking about everyday is awesome for singles u don't have someone whining at u where are u? Wat are u doing? Who are u with? Cause u can do wateva the f&$) u want :)

  HannahWho  |  8

I don't know if I think a card is help. While it was a nice gesture, there is no guarantee the parents even knew she had a break up. Or they might have. Either way, a card does not make the pain of a break up go away.