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By  magiotti  |  10

Doesnt mean she's a stalker though. Maybe she really felt a connection and just asked someone at the bar for your last name and looked up your mailing address in the phone book.

  fhbyf  |  2

I don't understand why people are downvoting you. I don't think looking up address in publicly open address book is creepy at all. Unless she sends a few more letters and waits under his window at night, it's not even close to stalking. People are overly paranoid these days. I'm gonna get downvoted too, i know.

  rhyspiecesno8  |  18

For all the people downvoting. Say you meet the love of your life at a bar. You guys have a nice talk and you can tell he's the one. Unfortunately he never gives you his name or number. So you ask the bartender or someone you've seen hanging out with him. There now you've found the love of your life. And now he thinks your a stalker

By  chuka81  |  27

Is your address so difficult to find? She could have asked your friends if you went to the bar with any. She left a letter in the mail. She's done it just once. I don't think it's stalking just yet.

By  PePziNL  |  20

I lost my wallet a couple months ago. The next day the guy who found it was at my door, said he tried to call me a few times aswell. Neither my adress or phone number was in my wallet. Those things are easily found online nowadays.