By preggo - 19/02/2012 08:55 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend's father suggested that, ideally, I should aim to have my baby in early July, or wait until he gets back from Europe in October. I'm due September 4th, and he will be "incredibly disappointed" if he misses the birth of his first grandchild due to my "selfishness". FML
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Jeez don't be so selfish!!! Women these days!!

perdix 29

Tell him you're disappointed that his gigolo son still hasn't popped the question even after knocking you up. I'll bet the old bastard will stop taking his petty annoyances to you anymore.


Jeez don't be so selfish!!! Women these days!!

That was sarcasm, if you didn't get it.

Damn_Hippster 11

It sounds like the boyfriend's father is the selfish one.

Your post was funny till you felt the need to explain it.

He explained it to avoid confrontation to trolls like myself...the coward.

He explained it because it was being thumbed down a lot.

40 is the correct one. You guys shouldn't thumb him down. (:

M0rt 0

He was right in explaining it; mos people here don't know what a joke is.

That's mine and by boyfriends birthday too:) but that was really quite selfish of him not of you it's his own damn fault for going out of the country!

Isaac_The_Man 0

That's the day I was born! Just don't name him/her Isaac, it's a horrible name xD I hope you have a beautiful baby

I know, right?? She could just keep the baby in there for a month but she's too selfish to do that even for her boyfriend's father! What a horrible, horrible, person. Anyway, OP's boyfriend's dad is dumb.

The first of many such disappointments.

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my so selfish what? -.-

cyK0tek 0 is it really THAT hard to tell the difference between "your" and "you're"..?

Your a dumb ass.. Hard to tell but still gets the point across

Apparently. Many people do it. I don't get why it would be so hard though. I'm not English and it's a piece of cake for me. You'd think native English speakers should know how to use them. I would like to make a distinction though, people can just have made a mistake of course, while writing quickly for instance. It happens to the best of us. And let's not forget that autocorrect has put lots of people in awkward positions (worse than a word only being spelled incorrectly) hence the website DYAC. ;)

#130 You would think that you would use the correct form of "you're" after you reply to a comment which used the wrong form and two people corrected it...but no, I guess that's too much for you to grasp.

Shes not selfish... Shes pregnant!

blackbelt25 12

Get your boyfriend to record everything when you're in labor then show your boyfriends dad. So he won't miss anything. ;)

Don't bother. Apparently daddio still needs to learn about the birds and the bees if he thinks OP can hold the baby in for an extra month.

Skype has a new use!

Make sure you get a real good veiw. Im sure he'll want all the details!

myoukei 31

if I was her, I would never let the man into my hospital room when I was in labor just to spite him. I wouldn't care if I bore his first and last grandkid, the man is an asshat.

You gotta do what you gotta do!

bizarre_ftw 21

That's sad.....

perdix 29

Tell him you're disappointed that his gigolo son still hasn't popped the question even after knocking you up. I'll bet the old bastard will stop taking his petty annoyances to you anymore.

perdix 29

I wasn't thinking about the cost of the wedding. In my cynical view of marriage, one of the only redeeming features of the institution is to provide financial stability for children. Marriage keeps people who hate each other together which has the odd side-effect of creating stable economic units for the kids.

DasHaas 9

Who says they aren't married? Just because they've signed a contract doesn't make them legally obligated to call each other "husband" and "wife". I have a girlfriend, and we're soon to be married. Afterwards, I'll still have a girlfriend. And nobody will know the difference, because nobody will know. Like you said; it's just a legal thing. Some people really treat it like that.

AdamBasebal69 0

I'm sure Obama would approve of an abortion.

perdix 29

#94, if you want to reap the legal and financial benefits of being married, you do have to admit that you are husband and wife. Who gives a fuck what you tell people in your social circle?

DasHaas 9

My point exactly. You don't have to admit it to anyone but the state. Considering we aren't the state, there is no way at all to tell whether or not these people are married. There's only assumptions being made.

....Not everyone has that way of thinking, you know. I've seen tons of couples who aren't married and have a child, that could simply be the case. Please don't turn this into something stupid.

perdix 29

#126. It's possible, but a two-parent household generally tends to be more stable financially, and the marriage contract makes it more difficult to break up.

I'm gonna say this bluntly. Once they're married, they're husband and wife. That's kind of the point...

jellenwood 35


jeez how did you end up as one of the two top comments? its very obvious you're letting out your own frustration on OPs boyfriend

eastsidesoldier 7

I'm a dumbass.

chelseasamazing 6

actually, you're number 8.

Ferretface 13


8...but even if you were #6 who cares?

Cool story bro!

Akumie 6

Your comment needs to be about 20% more accurate.

25% A difference of 2 is 1/4 of 8.

GoW_Chick 14

They already made 2 sequels to I am number four, why the hell didn't anyone tell me?!

rainydayz133 6

You're number 8, and why does it matter?

I wish I had a number.

Something tells me that 8's life goal is to be the first comment on a FML.

musicluvr2000 11

Now that you mention it your ranking has gone down to 74 654 918 184 947 in the world

that ranking is right below Stalin

18 needs more dragons

musicluvr2000 11

We realized

Naaa, just some lovely comment tweaking by your friendly neighborhood moderator.

leilaostara 1

Too right.

Tell him to go fuck himself.

Agree'd This seems like it'd b an appropriate situation to fart loudly and then walk away

22cute 17

And based on his knowledge of sexual function, he may actually think it's possible.

Tell him, he has plenty of time to change "his" plans. As long as your baby's father is there, don't worry about in-laws. Some you can never please.

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*speechless* No, she most definitely did not.

remz89 3

I don't see how she being married would make the situation any different. N grow up, no body really gets married anymore, a piece of paper does not symbolize love.

13- OP doesn't deserve any level of bullshit from another person about when she decides to have a child simply because it doesn't conform to their timeline or your religious/ marital preferences. A piece of paper and a ceremony doesn't instantly create a pure and perfect family, and the average national divorce rate of close to 50% proves it. :p With all due respect, pull your ignorant head from your arrogant ass and please, please, try to realize there is more ways to live your life than the one and only choice you've selected for yourself. :p

GoW_Chick 14

They must do a lot of yoga or something if they can get their head up their own ass.. So how's the view down there, as shitty as it sounds?

13 - My parents had me when they got married. They were married a whole 4 whopping years. Whereas, my friend's parents NEVER got married, but they had 3 kids together. They've been together for 23 years. I say marriage is a waste of time and money. So, shut the hell up. Thanks. Have a nice day. (:

I'm not Christian, obviously, but I know Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have a lot in common. I also know it's pretty sinful (on a small degree of course) in Islam to judge a person, because you're not God. All in all, I think you just sinned too.

24 - it may not symbolize love, but it does symbolize a lot of legal and financial benefits :)!