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Today, while babysitting, one of the boys fell on an exposed pipe and broke it. It spewed water five feet into the air, spread water across four rooms, and completely soaked another of the boys. Their parents had only left fifteen minutes before. FML
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I don't mean to sound like a wet blanket and dampen your spirit or rain on your parade, but it looks like your babysitting career is all washed up. I'm sure moist of us have been in a similar situation. I won't shower you with insults, though. It's all just water under the bridge.

All part of the job. At least you don't have to pay for damages!


All part of the job. At least you don't have to pay for damages!

Arr, this happened on my vessel once, bring forth the buckets!

Since when is angry spelt with an eh, young fella? ... Secondly, you are 13, real pirates would probably use you as shark bate. I know i would!

A true pirate knows he can't save a sinking ship! Time to head to Tortuga!

mcaisse77 17

Cosmosis.... When you "fix" AngrehPirate's spelling, you should probably spell right too. That's a spelling people use on this thing called the Internet. Bate? Not a word. But bait is. And, your analogy is stupid. A shark would not eat him because he didn't spell angry right. It would probably eat you for being annoying. Even then, sharks rarely eat humans, they only go after humans if they are sick or confused. Please get your facts straight.

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Also, it says on your profile that you don't care about spelling. Well, isn't that ironic cosmosis?

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Now you know why the kid got dropped off by his parents...

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Coming from the guy who thinks he's part of the chair force

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Holy shit, is this shark week intertwined with 4th grade language? ^^^^^

Thanks for the defence guys ^.^, and i spelt 'angreh' like that on purpose since I thought it suited the pirate part. Please forgive my age, Brb getting fed to a shark.

You can't be held accountable for their crap plumbing.. But yeh fyl OP. Better call a plumber.

Since you're only 15 minutes in, you'll have time to clean it up!

bettyc4 26 SHOULDN'T be babysitting?...O_o

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Hey don't say that OP could be a great baby sitter. I mean what are the chances that the kid would fall on a expose water pipe that would then spew a five foot fountain, then proceed to soak four rooms, get the other kid wet all within a 15 minute time frame?

bettyc4 26

Had OP been watching the kids properly it wouldn't have happened. Parents arnt trying to have a flooded house when they get home they just want someone responsible and prepared to watch over their child while they do what they gotta do. If you're a fail at your job might be a good idea to get a new job. Get it?

K_kanaka 26

Hahahaha slow down there I ment to be sarcastic. I do agree that OP should be watching the kids, but what were the chances of that happening?

GoW_Chick 14

The chances are one in a million and poor OP just so happened to be that one.

bettyc4 26

Sarcasm is difficult for me to detect in text writings

xStaciexLynnx 15

Op may very well have been watching the kids. You can't be everywhere every second of your time with them. If the child went running and fell on the pipe it's not likely OP had time to stop him from falling...

#19 i mean accidents happen, you dont know where it happened. i mean she could have been watching them play like you watch a young child play before they suddenly fall and hurt themselves. And an exposed pipe in the house? this was bound to happen she was just unlucky enough to have it happen on her watch. so don't be so quick to point fingers

bettyc4 26

The person in charge is always responsible. Period.

3- I feel that there should be a drum roll after the maybe.

Oh that really sucks, I hope you can still get called back!

"oh that really sucks." Like I haven't heard that one before…

At least you were entertained and the kids weren't screaming bloody murder... Plus now you have a great story to tell people!

Dear lord, welcome to grounds of insanity. What's the number for pest-control again?..

At least he didn't strip himself, and run around saying, "wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!"

even at an early age those guys know how to get girls wet, assuming you are a female

wow, i need to stop wandering onto FML when i drink

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Your an idiot.....just sayin....some people these days

Pentium_4, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't you dare even think about not going on FML after/while drinking!!!! It'll make for more entertaining comments. So please, go drink some more and come back.

You should just kill the kids and yourself now.

I really hope you're joking. Even if you are though you should really think before you post. Your comment is absolutely ridiculous.

You people need to lighten up, really.

Suicide funny?? You are one messed up child....

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Why kill yourself after you kill the kids? If you're going down the homicidal road why not see how many points you can rack up for all the people you take out, it's the only plausible solution.