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By Hello - 20/06/2011 05:21 - United States

Today, I received the only love letter I've ever gotten. Too bad it's from the guy who's been stalking me. FML
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PSQ91 6

Could've been worse. Could've been a letter like: "You're ugly, bitch"

It's the thought that counts


It's the thought that counts

your going to Ohio state?

yeah I know right. geez op needs to stop being so ungrateful

that still counts!

I hate these "stalker" FMLs, OP is just an ungrateful bitch who can't appreciate someone loves her. Give him a chance and stop being such a twat!

just go out with him already I mean seriously all girls act like their standards are so high.

how sweet of him

staplers mean you're popular!

*stalkers Man, you've gotta hate the iPod's auto-correction

Why do so many people have stalkers in their FML's nowadays?

lol YDI for not having better guy friends or a restraining order


ChiFan96 3

#4, please tell me you're not one of THOSE people.

XxAndyasphixiate 1

#4, do us all a favor and stfu. You obviously don't know them. For all you know the guy could be a complete creeper

PSQ91 6

Could've been worse. Could've been a letter like: "You're ugly, bitch"

a love letter, is a love letter.

Hey, at least it wasn't a lovely letter in the form of a restraining order.

Better than bills

I've never gotten a love letter, probably because no one writes them anymore.... they just stop being a wimp and tell you upfront how they feel.

somebody to love? Great song to listen to while reading this.

why would you affiliate me with bieber?

How hard is it to get a restraining order these days?

I imagine it would be very difficult considering that every teenage girl has a stalker these days. It's hard to take them seriously anymore.