By moe - 15/02/2011 03:07 - United States

Today, the only person to wish me a Happy Valentine's day was a wrong number calling my cell phone. FML
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atomheartm_fml 0

Well at least you have his number now don't you?

Acousticpixie14 6

Wow, get over it, it's not even a real holiday.


atomheartm_fml 0

Well at least you have his number now don't you?

samadams42 0

That is what i call a sticky situation.

it's not a sticky situation unless she's ******, meaning in a bind such as "damn how am I gonna explain this to my boss?" or "shoot which girl should I take to the dance" or one oh those damned if I do damn if I don't situations. but OP I feel ya): I hate valentines day! the day guinea pig died. 9 year old Jasper.

sorry for your hamster 15 :P and ya nothing good comes from valentines day from my experience

in my experience i make valentines day fun if im single i go wit friends and hav fun so u jus got to make the most out of it

shsftbl61 0

I'd hold a knife to someone and demand they wish me a happy valentines day if I were like you

*facepalm* *facepalm* ... *facepalm* See my rant in a previous FML about how this isn't the 18th Century, women should be valued by their own worth rather than tangentially by a man's worth, and how Valentine's day completely misses the point of romance by making it an obligation. I'm not going to say YDI, but... it's not an FML either. We need a 'grow the hell up' option, methinks.

ohthebloodygore 16

9, exactly. Many people either 'Love/hate' the day based on whether they have a valentine or not. I simply hate it because it's my birthday.

maybe after moe the lonely guy off simpsons?

amazingDUH 0

the same thing happened to me today but it was a text to the wrong number.

GtHottie 0

me too but at least I had others