By moe - 15/02/2011 03:07 - United States

Today, the only person to wish me a Happy Valentine's day was a wrong number calling my cell phone. FML
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Well at least you have his number now don't you?

Wow, get over it, it's not even a real holiday.


Well at least you have his number now don't you?

Unless it was a girl perhaps.

poor OP sure you'll find someone for next valentine day

yeahhif op is a creeper! lol

28 you're cute

That is what i call a sticky situation.

it's not a sticky situation unless she's fucked, meaning in a bind such as "damn how am I gonna explain this to my boss?" or "shoot which girl should I take to the dance" or one oh those damned if I do damn if I don't situations. but OP I feel ya): I hate valentines day! the day guinea pig died. 9 year old Jasper.

sorry for your hamster 15 :P and ya nothing good comes from valentines day from my experience

I meant guinea-pig I'm sorry

in my experience i make valentines day fun if im single i go wit friends and hav fun so u jus got to make the most out of it

so you got one!

Nobody at all said happy valentines day to me lol..


Happy Valentines.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

And ya mama!


I'd hold a knife to someone and demand they wish me a happy valentines day if I were like you

Couldn't agree with you more on that

*facepalm* *facepalm* ... *facepalm* See my rant in a previous FML about how this isn't the 18th Century, women should be valued by their own worth rather than tangentially by a man's worth, and how Valentine's day completely misses the point of romance by making it an obligation. I'm not going to say YDI, but... it's not an FML either. We need a 'grow the hell up' option, methinks.

9, exactly. Many people either 'Love/hate' the day based on whether they have a valentine or not. I simply hate it because it's my birthday.

maybe after moe the lonely guy off simpsons?

the same thing happened to me today but it was a text to the wrong number.

me too but at least I had others