By Jon - 23/05/2011 18:46 - United Kingdom

Today, I gave my girlfriend an orgasm for the first time only to realise she squeals like a baby pig in the process. FML
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"Today, I satisfied my woman. FML" REALLY?

mintcar 9

At least you gave her an ****** OP.


mintcar 9

At least you gave her an ****** OP.

I don't get people , they complain when they can't give orgasms , and when they do they ALSO complain. WTF!

Trupe 3

I know right? Better than having her yawning cause you didn't....

iSitt 0

you da man, Kermit. at least you know she didn't fake it.

I agree 31! but I do agree when I watch **** it can be annoying when the girls have annoying/weird moans lol but if it's someone I'd care about I'd love it because it's what they do

I find it equally annoying when men do that in **** as well, moanin like there's no tomorrow and shit... ugh. or when they get right in the guys face, *shudders* long as she enjoyed it.... ;)

Stop complaining and give her another one you selfish pig lol. But congratz

2nd^^ congrats ma man. you don't suck at givin what she needs. you're doin better than most posters on FML at least

You might start calling her Miss Piggy from now on.

do that and youll never get laid again

I'm sure you make equally disturbing noises and/or faces when you ******, OP. It's not really a time for restraint, control and decorum, is it?

Just think of the bacon that can be made...