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Today, I was violently throwing up due to severe morning sickness. My boyfriend looked at me, then turned and walked away. In the end, my daughter gave me some paper towel and her juice. My 18-month-old is more supportive of my pregnancy than her 30-year-old father. FML
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^ Exactly! If OP's toddler shows more help in public, with the dad around, people will see what a dick the dad is. Good luck with your pregnancy, OP! And know that you have already taught your first child love and compassion and I'm sure you'll teach your next one the same fantastic qualities.

Your child will grow up to be a good person

perdix 29

#2, she's nice for now, but there's a 50/50 chance she'll inherit her dad's asshole personality.

Hopefully her daddy will grow up to be a nice person too...

Unless society ***** her up like the rest of us..

You've trained her well! Hope she stays that way!

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kids are special OP, and good luck with the baby

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does it matter?if they love each other and are happy that is all that matters,and weddings are expensive to!

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My point being if they have an 18 month old and another on the way, it seems as if they've been together for a while. The way he's acting and the fact that he's still only her boyfriend doesn't sound very promising.

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exactly. they're getting ready to have their second child. if he was going to bail he would have probably have done it by now.

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23 - Yes, a new relationship in which they have an 18-month-old together.

44- Nobody cares about the stupid Kardassians.

38 - it could be her daughter from a previous relationship. Note it says MY daughter, not OUR daughter. No I'm just stupid. disregard me :P

But at the end it says HER 30-year-old father.

He may also be the only man who was in her daughters life & she calls him her father.

Kortnii, you do realize not everyone believes in marriage right? Not everyone thinks is the most important thing & see it as only an unnecessary title given by society.

Some people just don't get married. I know a couple who have been together for 20+ years, but don't say they're married and never had a wedding. I forget the exact reasoning, but it was something about not liking the finality marriage.

Yes, one example being my parents :) they have 4 children ages 16, 15, 13 and 9 they've been together for 19 years and they're not married.

Maybe he was going to google some remedies! :)

There afraid of commitment but not kids

Your daughter seems incredibly sweet and smart for her age. :)

I love you and what to raid your booty like a Viking pagan of old.

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that is very disrespectful and uncalled for!

Well **** me, I actually got thumbed up for once.

error404n0tf0und 21

why would we **** you? its only fml

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He's probably just mad at himself for making the same mistake twice.

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#9 ur a douche bag for saying that

You're a douche bag for taking jokes seriously.

Don't insult perdix! He is practically a god of fml commenting...

perdix 29

#69, I know! I'm surprised at how many people liked this comment. The joke is on you that you took it seriously.

"Ugh you could only imagine the pain I went thru when Louis was pregnant..."turns up remote

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"Uh uh... what do you mean turn the t.v. up?"

Clearly he isn't a gentleman getting a lot of ass

wow, what a prick. at least your daughter was sweet enough to do that for you(:

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On the bright side, you have an awesome kid!