By nicknack22 - 01/02/2009 15:48 - United States

Today, I made my new girlfriend orgasm for the first time. All she said after was "I drooled a little". FML
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Maybe he thought that what was drool was her vaginal liquids?

i believe that's a good review, not a bad one

Agreed. Really, who would honestly think this is a bad thing?

yeah, lol, that was supposed to be a compliment.

If by "**** My Life" you mean "**** YES, my life!" then okay. If by "**** my Life" you mean "My life sucks" go to another emocorner, scene kid, because if you're sad about this, you probably don't deserve this. :P lol

Yeah, I don't get where the bad part comes in, exactly?

good job dude!!!! your life isnt ******!!