By Gabriel A - 15/01/2011 04:05 - United States

Today, I found some nude vintage pictures in my house. I decided to beat my meat to them. Later I found out it was my grandma. FML
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lol, I want to see the look on op's face when he figured out.

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I'm sorry I have to say it, Blackmail111, you are a ******* moron on multiple levels.

yea, 9 it was pretty obvious it was a much younger picture of her

# 9 since the picture is vintage, it means his nan was not an old lady in the photos- he did not know it was her when he was doing it!!

it was vintage. she wasn't old in the picture.

Thanks ^^^ I think that was cleared up already.

50, you sure do have a lot going on in that brain.

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grody means like gross or dirty

lol at the ugly blondes trying to insult the hit one.

80 would you rather of had himself say whack his wang?

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i remember when i had my first beer.

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DUDE—SHIT—WHY? Is the only intelligible thing I could formulate after reading this.

WTF does that have to do with this FML?

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Mm, hot picture. Time to ********** !

They were vintage. The pictures were taken when she was young.

I'm surprised no one has asked him how he found out it was grandma yet

"dont beat your meat randomly" Best advice ever. I will pass it on to my children and grandchildren for generations.

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that's gross.. u beating to the pic of your grandma.. I have nothing else to say bro..

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what else would pictures in your house be? either your mom or older. moron!

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it could have been his dads old ****

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Not so arousing, huh? Well, I hope not :/

Maybe you shouldn't be beating your meat to any random nude person you find from now on.

Maybe he should beat his meat to some modern ****. It's so old-fashioned to do it on pictures.

aha,old fashioned. I feel bad for this man. I wonder how it would be. if his grandmother caught him.

You chose old vintage black and white photos over 1080p porno?