By Anonymous - 15/01/2011 01:05 - United States

Today, I mailed out a college application that is going to another country. I paid $250 for the application and $11 for shipping. I just realized that I forgot to sign the bottom of the application. FML
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LightningLadyy 0

Who needs college anyways?! Oh wait... You do.

SomePinkTape 0

why would you pay for an application. that's just fucking stupid.


and don't you have to put the return address on? so wouldn't they just send it back?

return address? sorry if double posted.

Collage, who needz it?

rallets 22

people who have $261 to throw around like that

mona_is_here 10

If you knew you'd be bitching about the money gone to waste, you could do yourself a favour and be more attentive and/or responsible. Sorry for my English, guys.

LightningLadyy 0

Who needs college anyways?! Oh wait... You do.

Kingdutch 3


apparently not smart enough

So do you 2. ANYWAY not ANYWAYS

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#14: I love you forever.

perhaps you're not smart enough for college?

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like you comment lol

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2 yea you do if u need to get a good job nowadays... and op shit happens.. apply somewhere else

LightningLadyy 0

There's this new thing going around and maybe you just haven't heard of it yet, but it's called sarcasm. It's getting pretty popular, so you might wanna learn what it means and get used to it.

yea, it was pretty obvious it was sarcasm

These sarcastic comments are getting very old. Also, aren't college applications done online? It's 2011.

You forgot to sign at the bottom? Who forgets to sign at the bottom? YOU EFFING FORGOT TO SIGN THE BOTTOM! I'M GOING TO GRAB A THIS VASE AND THROW IT ACROSS THE ROOM! SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO? GRRRRAHHH! Lol, Jk. Yeah, that sucks OP. How about being more vigilant next time. Can you even get your money back? It won't hurt you to try.

I recommend 3000 hours of anger management therapy to you sir.

Why Thank You. :)

8, imma fucking tear your head off through your fucking ass with my left pinky. (:

If I see the word "sir" written in a comment again, I think I'm going to need therapy.

rallets 22


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wow that's really... stupid

lexi365 20

that sucks. the same thing happened to my brother except he was getting a baseball scholarship and he forgot to sign the form. Lol they just returned it to him and told him to sign it. There'sa chance that could happen for you...

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love that hair

Wow. If it's something that's really important you should always look it over before you send it off.

Life being a bitch? Bend it over and take it.