By dentinpalevo - 29/12/2009 07:29 - Cyprus

Today, it's my first day-off for the holidays. Today is also the day they decided to start building a house next to mine. I can't sleep beyond 7 am. FML
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earplugs? whitenoise player?


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Get used to it -- Midnight to 7am are the only quiet hours you'll have for a while.

I feel your pain. We have new neighbours who decide to partake in a bit of DIY at the most inconvinient times. I don't know what's worse - their 11pm drilling or the old neighbours 3am shagging. Just when we thought we'd gotten rid of the disturbances...

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THAT sucks!!...but what's funny is that as of now, 35 people think that you deserve it....(ehh??)

There are always some retards that will click YDI, and put stupid reasons... Funny to see actually, they never write a good reason why OP would deserve it.

This happened to me last holidays, it really did suck!

i believe this is the first FML from Cyprus :D

This is a day in history. I, for one, welcome our new Cyprus overlords. May they show me mercy with a quick, painless death.

This sounds like the start of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. ...@#$%! I GOTTA GO GET WASTED BEFORE THE EARTH IS DESTROYED... AGAIN...!

shenanigans - no one is building homes in this economy

what are you retarded? the recession is basiclly over

What are you? Retarded? Shenanigans is a restaurant in Illinois.

In Cyprus the recession didn't effect the economy as much as the US or the UK and also there are people whom their job is to build houses/apartments and then sell/rent them!