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  jbuckets_404  |  38

But that assumes that the owner hasn't let the insurance policy lapse and that it's not a hit-n-run with a successful getaway esp. by a car thief ie, you know whose car hit you.... Otherwise, OP is SOL.
Also, chronic pain & life-long disabilities tend to ruin one's quality & enjoyment of life.
I prefer to be "poor," but healthy myself with fully-working, pain-free body parts.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

This is why jaywalking is an infraction. Or a misdemeanour. Or whichever one it is. Plus, I guess this doesn't count if you're a Limey. Always look both ways before crossing the street/use a designated crossing, or that Ferrari could be replaced by something shitty like a Jetta, and the humiliation of being hit by one of those will hurt far more than the injuries sustained from the accident.