By lovingthis - 09/01/2013 16:48 - United States - Largo

Today, I walked in on my grandfather smiling at his penis. FML
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I sing to mine to cheer him up and keep him in a good mood.

He was remembering the places it went to


I sing to mine to cheer him up and keep him in a good mood.

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This reminds me of that Dear Penis song by Rodney Carrington.

my girlfriend gives mine massages to keep it happy.

Ahh your girlfriend is a massage therapist, how much does she charge?

Don't forget to walk it twice a day. And don't feed it after midnight.

And make sure it stays healthy and active!

62 i dont think ur gf would be happy ur offering her services for free

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Yeah sure, it's okay for a grandfather to smile at his penis in front of his grandson, but when I wear a silk thong to my baby cousin's birthday party and my nephew sees my whale tail, everyone loses their shit. Sometimes I don't get this world.

I don't even know what to thumb yours #87...

Or you could find someone to put him in a good mood for you... I mean, but singing's cool, too... O.o

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It's good to see happiness in old age.

I'll be happy with my penis for the rest of my life

I read "girlfriend" from the OP and only understand now that I see your comment...

When I'm old I hope I'm so easily entertained

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#24, you never know what's going to happen with it. Don't be so cocky! It could let you down and those damn blue pills are expensive. If you have to pay him to get him to work for you, you might not be so happy then.

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I think the bigger FML is that you walked in on your grandpa naked.

the bigger fml would be if he had a boner

He was remembering the places it went to

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Reminiscing, I bet. "We've had some good times, ol' chap. Remember that wench back in '61?"

I must say... That's a new level of bizzare-ness from a senior citizen

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Somehow, I'm not surprised at what senior citizens do anymore. I guess FML will do that to you. By that, I mean show you the truth.

No, I must disagree with you. It is perfectly normal for guys to admire their own penises at any age

Haha very true, and i read the "about you" part i think thts cool ^.^

Problably from sagging and wrinkling with age, i now have a very disturbingly exciting of what mine'll be in 50 years

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It's good that they are getting along. You wouldn't want to walk in when they are having a slap-fight! Even worse would be walking in after the slap-fight, during the make-up sex.

Hey break up sex is better than make up sex but not as good as thank god were alive sex;$

Well at least he wasn't jacking off or on top of your grandma.