By bman - 07/04/2012 06:41 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I caught myself staring at my grandmother's cleavage. FML
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Ok then u need a "freind" really soon man

You could just say girlfriend/hooker/stripper/ etc.

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you need some spell check or a dictionary soon, man.

Hey KitKat, do I know you? Are you Caitlin Mac? (I won't say the rest of her last name) because I am Maxine H.

91-way to make it awkward for the rest of us.

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I think #3 is referring to a friend with benefits. No strings attached. Not a girlfriend/hooker/stripper.

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OP's got no standards, ******* are *******

You know what's even sicker?? OP was most likely staring 1 and a half feet from the ground.

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Anti-giggity to this one... *dick goes flaccid* while reading this fml... Yikes op, LOOK AWAY YOU CREEP!! :(

Do I sense a fetish here, or do you just really need to get laid?

I and so was I [OP], only I was staring at 'my grandmother's cleavage. (for the lesser brains: I was staring at the words of the FML not MY grandmother's cleavage)

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Well we know he's a breast man just look at his name but there should be a line somewhere.

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I was thinking the same thing

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One of those young good looking grandmas in there 40s

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I'd rather gouge my eyes out than measure them...

Haha! Wow I didn't even realize that. Thanks lol. Although measuring your eyes does seem more painful. First you must gouge, then gauge.

But how will you know the measurements without seeing it?