By bman - 07/04/2012 06:41 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I caught myself staring at my grandmother's cleavage. FML
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jerseyboy732 16

please don't fap to the flap


Haiana04 3

And morally wrong in SO many ways... O_o

Who here also read that comment in Cleaveland's voice?

spekledworf 18

Contain your eyes!

Mother of incest!

I actually felt my jaw drop when i read this fml

blackheart24 10

Wrong on every level. Desperate much OP?

Sparks808 10


xoconnie 8

uhh.... i dont even know what to say lmaooo

I read 1's comment in Raven's voice. "Ya Naaaasty".

You know you need to get laid when

QueenQuay77 10

One of the weirdest FML ever

iiDangerCloseBK 6

Sorry op, that's just weird.

It's not just weird, it's just damn wrong!!

GMILF? Eww never mind..

Delete.... I don't wanna be the last one to say gmilf

What does GMLIF stand for?

Grandma i'd like to fuck.

wildsweetchild 19


I look at my grandma cleavage too! Not sexually... It's boobs I'm not not going to look at them. That's weird.

QueenQuay77 10


How did 126 get thumbed down? He explained it XD

Ok then u need a "freind" really soon man

MaydayParadexx 18


You could just say girlfriend/hooker/stripper/ etc.

JustDerpin 11

you need some spell check or a dictionary soon, man.

Hey KitKat, do I know you? Are you Caitlin Mac? (I won't say the rest of her last name) because I am Maxine H.

91-way to make it awkward for the rest of us.

NoisyNykkii 10

I think #3 is referring to a friend with benefits. No strings attached. Not a girlfriend/hooker/stripper.

'I' before 'E', except after 'C'!

Samster2000 9

You are just sick

Mmmm. Saggy boobs

OP's got no standards, titties are titties

You know what's even sicker?? OP was most likely staring 1 and a half feet from the ground.

QueenQuay77 10

Hahaha that's hilarious

jerseyboy732 16

please don't fap to the flap

olpally 32

Anti-giggity to this one... *dick goes flaccid* while reading this fml... Yikes op, LOOK AWAY YOU CREEP!! :(

Do I sense a fetish here, or do you just really need to get laid?

I and so was I [OP], only I was staring at 'my grandmother's cleavage. (for the lesser brains: I was staring at the words of the FML not MY grandmother's cleavage)

QueenQuay77 10

Well we know he's a breast man just look at his name but there should be a line somewhere.

Now that's just way out of line

allthatandmore 0

You think?

Someones desperate

wildfiresgirl 7

Is she a GILF? Lol

TheSofaKing 7

I was thinking the same thing

afroninjashuffle 0

One of those young good looking grandmas in there 40s

SadDashie92 3

I sure hope so...

Time to gauge the eyes out

BenderJ_fml 5

I'd rather gouge my eyes out than measure them...

Haha! Wow I didn't even realize that. Thanks lol. Although measuring your eyes does seem more painful. First you must gouge, then gauge.

But how will you know the measurements without seeing it?