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Today, I was laying in the grass, staring into the blue sky and watching planes go by. My boyfriend snuggles down next to me; it was a sweet moment. He then told me all about how the planes above are leaving 'chem trails', and that he believes the CIA is out to mind-control us all. Right. FML
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He's only a legitimate conspiracy theorist if he was wearing a tin-foil hat. If he didn't have the hat, then he may be right.


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He knows too much. We must dispose of him.

That's really mean. I feel like it's become a trend to attack boodashuns comments. I for one liked his comment and if someone like docbastard said it it would be fine.

NO ONE must know about MK ULTRA or the Manhattan project or how the moon landing was faked so shhhh the NSA is spying on us

It's completely insane to distrust the government. Power has never corrupted anyone, and there are no secrets that the people in charge won't tell us, right? Maybe chemtrails are ridiculous but at least he is trying to understand what's going on. Shaming someone for trying to not be ignorant is just silly. Break up with him and get over it, or just show him why he is wrong and encourage him to take everything with a grain of salt and do more thorough research on his "facts". As it stands, he is just as dumb as someone who trusts everything the government says. Downvote this, whatever. I accept that this isn't a topic that you can change someone's opinion on over the internet.

Yes, Booda_Shun. We shall dispose of him. Tonight. Do you propose a plan?

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I agree, the recent hating and attacks on individual commenters really pisses me off. There are so many utterly shite posters that post the most nonsensical, boring and generic comments ever and keep doing it. You see less from people like Pleo and Doc cos the threads get inundated with crap. Think twice about hating and thrice before commenting. Now that's off my chest, I've been telling people for years about this, conspiracies maaaaan.

Gotta agree with #68 no point being ignorant or believing everything the government says.

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No it's true. The gov. Are out to get u the illuminati

no, they are not chemtrails, they are contrails. the difference being contrails actually exist

Yes MK ultra i was about to say that. Everyone needs to do some research before they assume someone is crazy.

Not sure exactly what MK Ultra is, but I do know it is a freaking sweet song by Muse

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Not a dig on you or anything, but this is a fairly common conspiracy theory, as far as conspiracy theories go.

it's actually based upon some truth. The US military really did do this during the cold war over Louisville Illinois to test how it affected peoples lungs. They did it in the 60's so how do we know they aren't doing something like that now?

Actually, planes do leave chem trails but it's not to mind control, it's to control weather patterns. Do some research.

They leave contrails, and they don't leave contrails "to affect weather patterns".Yes, contrails *do* affect weather patterns (because they're cloud cover! They reflect sunlight the same as any cloud would do, but they end up being in places where there wouldn't be cloud cover), but the jets don't leave them in order to affect weather patterns. They leave them because it's a natural by-product of the jet technology. There's no plan. That's just how jets work. It's how they've always worked. We couldn't have jets without contrails if we tried.

He's only a legitimate conspiracy theorist if he was wearing a tin-foil hat. If he didn't have the hat, then he may be right.

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#4, you can't even get tin-foil anymore, only aluminum. The government controls all the tin-foil because it's the only metal that can block their mind-control ray.

I've heard aluminum only blocks about 56.3% of the total mind control rays. We need tin!

I know that both of you work for the CIA and that tinfoil and aluminum both help control minds, y'know, since they help with satellite antennas. My hat made out of old gum wrappers surely will work!

16 you can get tin it's just hard to find. The government needs it so other governments don't take over there minds (that's where all that debt we have actually came from the government buying tin foil.

Yes. Fast forward a few years "How do I know I got you pregnant?! What if it was just implanted in you by the CIA?!"

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"He/She seems like a keeper" Slowly but surely becoming one of the most annoying comments on FML. "First" and "Sounds like a shitty situation" better watch out, they got some competition!

24, don't forget "You mean your ex, right?" Or "Lost my faith in humanity"

#24, no one says first anymore... I think people got too much hate from it.

This is exactly why my Unofficial Banned Comment List exists.

NSA only deals with electronics and cyber.

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@15 That's what they want you to think! I swear I'm not OP's boyfriend.

That's what the government wants you to think

Hey, as a Discordian, we don't advocate making people less intelligent. We just laugh at foolishness.

My boyfriend takes pictures of them all the time. Today, there wasn't one real cloud in the sky. Just those trails.

They're sucking the clouds right out of the sky to reduce interference with the mind control chems.

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No, they're a geoengineering technique a few committees approved against populair opinion. To combat global warming by injecting atmospheric aerosols, particles that deflect the sun up to 20%. Only, it's highly ineffective and instead traps warmth, increasing global warming in the long term.

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You can tell if they're aerosols and not ordinary airplane contrails when they haven't dissolved after about a minute and they're being spread out to form artificial cloud cover instead. Clouds keep the sun out, but they also trap warmth underneath. So this technique IS doing more harm than good.

For those who don't believe it, there was a WSJ article talking about it around '05. How it's supposed to stop the global warming.

that isn't true. contrails do linger if the atmospheric conditions are right

Fivehorsejohnson - Geoengineering is a theory, not fact. Contrails can persist for hours under the right condition. Since it is nothing but water vapour and ice crystals, they will also spread out in the air over time and appear to enlarge. You conspiracy theorists sound like idiots every time you say "Don't believe what the government tells you." I bet very few people trust their governments implicitly, but there is not one iota of evidence that chemtrails are anything more than the product someone's over-active imagination.

Lucky. I'm in Iowa. Here, the sky is just one big cloud. No trails, no sun, just cold.

Life must be entertaining around him.

I bet his mum doesn't believe that canned foods expire either...