By Kev - 20/08/2014 17:53 - United States - Flemington

Today, I got drunk, broke up with my girlfriend, and sent my grandma nude pics, thinking she was my girlfriend. Well, ex-girlfriend. FML
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F your grandma's life actually

There's drunk and then there's that. Maybe you shouldn't drink for a while?


RusticChick 27

Let's hope your grandma didn't reply.

JMichael 25

With pics of her own...*shudders*

Granny panties, *shiver*.

Why my lad I remember when your willy was tiny!

F your grandma's life actually

yeah I'm sure she's so proud of her grandchildren

Wow. I like your profile pic. Maplestory. I like that shit.

There's drunk and then there's that. Maybe you shouldn't drink for a while?

for a while?!?! how bout never lol

Woah your poor grandma

That was more than granny bargained for...

IKickPuppiesHard 16

Did granny send nudes back?

AnOriginalName 19


(Rocks back and forth, shaking head.) No, no, no, no, no, no.

J_Kertz 14

#28 - People like you make me wonder...

Depending on how you played your cards, she either just took you off the will or just added you on it.

you deserve it for sending nude pics while drunk

maybe he feels more confident under the influence. who knows.

If sending nudes to your grandma is confidence... I'll take 5 pitchers of timid please.

Sending nudes is never very smart, easy to be used against you. To an ex, very bad.

your not exactly thinking straight when your drunk

Agreed, #50 but if you're drunk enough to send nudes to your grandma you might have a problem

orbit 22

It probably works better than an AA meeting though

This is on a whole new level of drunk

Dumbass of the day award goes to... Kev!! Congratulations.

If you're getting that drunk OP then I think you may have a problem.