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Today, I found out where my $300 worth of American Eagle and Hollister clothes had disappeared to. My 16 year old sister shredded them with scissors, took pictures of it for her Myspace and said that I deserved it for being a "conformist." All her "internet friends" said it was awesome. FML
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Wearing those clothes is fine. Still going on myspace however is NOT.

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I think it's kind of funny that her conformist-hating sister has a Myspace account. It doesn't get much more conformist than that. That sucks, though. Plot some horrible revenge :D


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Scotty is a douche. I don't see how your typing knuckles would still hurt too bad from bashing her skull.

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She didn't deserve that! It's not her sisters business what brand of clothing she wears, and it's certainly not her place to destroy the clothes!

i agree with scotty: those clothes are shit. but that doesn't mean you deserve THAT to happen. sounds like your sister has some repressed anger. seriously.

People are thinking that the "$300" worth of clothes is one t-shirt or something. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE IT'S FROM. IT'S STILL 300 DOLLARS. Could've been 100 pairs of pants. The lowlifes of society wouldn't be so pissy if it was Wal-Mart brand. Get a life, emo losers, and stop judging people on what they buy.

Why because you are too poor and ugly to even walk into Hollister? Like the rest of these FML drones? Get a life and perhaps a job you jerk off

Aww, I think ops sister is a misunderstood emo bitch. Those non-conformists all seem to conform to being a pain in the ass.

fakepolice- are you suggesting that anyone who doesn't shop at hollister is poor and ugly? i'm pretty sure that's what samS meant by the irony of "stop judging people on what they buy".

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I agree with Fakepolice... You dirty broke posers whine too much.... And no not shopping at Hollister doesn't make you dirty and poor... Your non educated filthy lifestyle does... Not wearing hollister just makes it easy to point you out!!!

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I love how people are saying that Hollister is too expensive, when clothes at Hot Topic usually cost more. Sorry Scotty, Kevin and mercyFML, but unless you handcraft your own clothes and don't ever buy them from a store, you are just as "unoriginal" as the OP. So you can lay off the fake sense of superiority. And to all the selfish high school brats who are saying YDI: NO ONE deserves to have their clothes shredded. When you have to pay for everything yourself, losing $300 worth of clothes is a big deal. But since you are all probably still in high school and get all your money from mommy and daddy, it seems "funny" to you guys when someone gets $300 worth of clothes destroyed. Get a job and then say that shit. Does anyone see how hypocritical it is to tell someone "you are unoriginal for wearing clothes that you like, now get rid of them and buy original clothes like the rest of us!"

I love you "non-conformists". If you have to go to such great lengths to "not-conform" you are: A) A complete ******* moron who should never breed so your dumbass genes never multiply B) The people who CONFORM THE MOST OP, maybe you should take those scissors, shred your sisters face, take photos and tell your internet friends that your sister was "an annoying bitch".

I know alot of adults who wear both... My best friend and her husband do, and they are 24 and 28. Alot of young adults wear these brands and buy it with there hard earned money, so really your logic doesn't make any sense.

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OP here!! Let me explain a few things. I'm 19, I go to college at UNH and I'm currently home on winter break. I work as a waitress and paid for almost all those clothes myself, except for the $100 gift card to American Eagle that I got from my grandma for my birthday. I don't only buy Hollister and American Eagle; those were just the clothes that my sister picked out (because apparently those are "conformist" clothes). Its also easier for me to find clothes that fit in those stores since I'm a very little person (5'1 and 105 pounds). My sister really hates me and our family and i've tried time and time again to hang out with her, go see movies together, do anything and she wants no part of it. She steals from my mom, ignores our 10 year old brother and spends all her time in her room on her computer. She actually hit our mom once because our mom wouldn't let her meet her "internet boyfriend" - some 23 year old guy from Maine who she met on Myspace. I really try to be understanding but crap like this keeps happening. I really cant believe that some of you are actually saying her actions are justified. Its not okay to destroy someone else's property. It doesn't matter if the clothes were Hollister, Hot Topic, Gucci, Torrid, Walmart, whatever. I hope none of you have roommates in college - because if you think its okay to ruin someone's property just because you don't like it, you will get your ass handed to you.

Hi Mercy!! I've missed ya :) we've been commenting on different fmls!

THANK YOU. You took the words right out of my mouth. I agree 100%

So, op, what revenge do you have in store for your sister? You have to have some sort of revenge planned, because your sister needs to be taught a lesson!

Pssh American Eagle and Hollister. And where does the $300 go to when she buys it? God knows where, because the sweatshop workers get paid diarrhea. Your sister attempted to send an anti-materialistic message to you, kudos to her.

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"I really cant believe that some of you are actually saying her actions are justified. Its not okay to destroy someone else's property. It doesn't matter if the clothes were Hollister, Hot Topic, Gucci, Torrid, Walmart, whatever. I hope none of you have roommates in college - because if you think its okay to ruin someone's property just because you don't like it, you will get your ass handed to you." You hit the nail on the head. When will people learn to not **** with other people's shit? Ugh.

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hell to the YEAH. but still. KILL THE SISTER. jk. just..... CUT UP ALL HER CLOTHES. lmao.

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I wasn't talking about you, mercyFML. I'm talking about all the commenters going "your sister rules!" and "YDI for wearing those brands."

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Yea, the op should be worried about her emo sister. See if she's cutting herself...

That is so wrong to say! I don't particularly like the clothes sold at those stores, but OP, if you feel the same way about those clothes as I do about my vintage ones from the 1930s and 40s I sympathize with you. I care a lot about my clothes since I'm really into fashion, and I would be devastated if anything happened to a lot of my dresses.

ya but to spend 300$ on something that says the name of the store on it is kinda silly. I went in there one time and to get a normal screen tee with 'ae' on it was 35$ and a pair of pants was 50$. also the only reason for hot topic is for the band shirts if your into it, or if your emo or gothic. the 300$ could have been better spend on clothing at kohles, or rue21, at least they are decent on prices, most of the time. kohles gets a little pricey but there pants look just the same as ae, they just don't say it on the inside tag no one sees and they are normally like 12 or 15$. shirts are cheaper and are more individual, and your entire closet isn't a bunch of clothing thats the same colour short or long sleeve with ae or holister or areo on them. my sis and I get 300 each to buy clothing with for school I'm 20 she's 14, she goes to ae gets like 3 pairs of pants and 5 or 6 shirts. and a hoddie. I go to kohles and rue21 and end up with a hell of a lot more. but what the sis did was wrong, but its not like its hard to get new ae shirts. you just need one they all look the same.

sounds like my sis, she's 14 a public toilet (I've see her be one too followed her to a 'sleep over' when it was really a club) drinks and smokes up the wazoo. and refuses to help our family. I'm in college too, I work and have to schedule my classes so I can do the house work and get my little bro, cause my mom can't trust her to cause she breaks the dishes when she is told to wash them or says she forgot. or leaves my bro down at the bus stop and says he's six he can find his own way home, and gets my mom mad, so I get stuck doing all her shit and mine. feel your pain. sry for my other comment. also at kohles shop in the junior section they got some small stuff there that should fit you. or rue they got some small stuff there. and a lot is pretty stylish. for a good price

thats wat she gets for being a ******* robot

Know what he should do? He should go shred her clothes, post that pic on myspace (or facebook) and tag her in it so that she sees it, and say "she deserved it for being non-conformist" That would be some sweet revenge, right there...

YDI for wearing that OC/Beverly hills teenager crap.

I like how a lot of these people are bashing those who spend a lot on clothes. If you have the money to buy expensive clothes, then why not? .. and saying Rue21/Walmart clothes are just as good as the more expensive clothes? Uh, what? Sometimes theyre more expensive because they are better made in some cases. Not like I dont get stuff from walmart when I need it, but it never holds up long. The Buckle jeans I have bought have lasted years longer than any other jeans ive found elsewhere, and they are the only ones that make them long enough for me.. (me being almost six foot). So the moneys well worth it in the long run. Your sister is a top class nutjob..300$ is a good bit of money, FYL OP.

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That really sucks! No one deserves to have their clothes shredded, and being a non-conformist with a myspace is sort of an oxymoron. Accidentally drop her computer in the bathtub or something....

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I would **** her whole damn room up and take Pictures of it and post online as well...lilttle hypocritical brat. You don't mess with someones property Need to get her back for sure!

I agree Starfire. Maybe this: Buy American Eagle and Hollister dresses and skirts. Burn her underwear and pants. Take a camera. Happy revenge.

While I surely don't agree with the methods, I'm on your sister's side. Why the hell anyone would wear that crap is beyond me.

@ mercyFML Yep, i have a blog in which i post my views on all sorts of political and social themes. You can read it at:****

Hahahahaha you got ******* owned!! Merry Christmas conformist

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you're a douche, for suggesting this kid punch out their little sister. her interwebz friends are right. it was awesome.

drop her computer into a pool so she can't talk to her " Internet friends" then bash her skull in

Scotty is wise, open your ears when he speaks

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well, destroy her computer because computers are conformist.

I totally agree with you that's almost 60 hours of work for me.

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If you are the "OP", then how come your profile says that you haven't posted or even sent an FML ever?

@478: Probably because she posted the FML anonymously and then got the account in order to reply, dumbass.

May525XoXo 8

484: If she did post anonymously, then why is the OP's username meep? Plus, 134 did not respond at all to my comment, so she is obviously lying. Who's the dumbass now 484?

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Wearing those clothes is fine. Still going on myspace however is NOT.

no. i would say both those things are about even.

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exactly, and also if having a myspace account isn't conforming I have no idea what is

YDI for being a conformist and wearing clothes that were made in a foreign country American made Wrangler Jeans FTW!!

Almost all clothing is made in a foriegn country, unless you make your own, I seriously doubt even wranglers are made in America, it just costs to much to pay 8.50 and hour MINIMUM to have it made in America, whenyou can have it made in bagledesh for $1 a day, nice try tho

Actually national minimum wage is $7.25, with certain states adding a state minimum on top of that. I know this because I live in one of the states that doesn't.

Wow. Minimum here is $9. All over Canada, not just Quebec. And when I was working as a grocery store cashier in Alberta I was getting $11 an hour.

devendra_fml 0

I wish. I live in B.C. and make 8 bucks an hour.

Jesus thats weird. In washington it's 9.74 and in my area (seatac) it's getting raised to 15 hourly.

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Do if you don't buy reasonably priced clothes you deserve to have them ripped up? That's a rather bitchy way to look at life. People shouldn't touch other peoples shit, and if they do, they should pay for it.

What if they weren't that high prices but she just bought a lot..?

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I'm not saying he should wear those clothes or not, but that isn't tryuw

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$300? So that's like a pair of jeans there? YDI, that place is so ******* expensive. and FYL because your sister still uses myspace.

$300 worth of that stuff? So.. what.. four items? Edit for posting the same thing the person above me did. :(

CEiiLEiiGH 7

I got 4 sweaters there fore 50 dollars, no sale or anything. There is nothing in either store that costs 300 dollars so your point is irrelevant

While you didn't deserve that you seriously probably only lost minimal pieces of clothing unless you got them on sale because both of those places are ridiculously expensive.

$300 is $300 and it's still money wasted because before she had her few peices of expensive clothing and now she doesn't.

Larissa94 0

that's not minimal that's like 6 pairs of pants and $300 is worth $300 no matter where you spend it

its freaking hilarious that you say that, because your only jealous. If you could AFFORD to shop their you probably would, but your stuck shopping at cheap-ass places, pretending you hate those stores just because you can't freaking shop their. lol. makes my day.

Both my parents are considered rich, and they always try to coax me into stores such as American Eagle, Hollister, etc. There's nothing wrong with the stores, I just don't like the style of clothing they sell. I have more of a bright, unconventional style of dressing. However, just because I don't like their clothing, I'm not going to destroy someone else's clothes, just because they're from those stores, since it's not mine to destroy. It doesn't matter what sense of style you have, doing that to someone else's clothing is just wrong. OP could've easily set fire to all of her sister's not-famous-brand clothing and said "For being unconformist!" and you all would've been like, "she didn't deserve that!" so why is any different for the OP?

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ydi for wearing ridiciously expensive stupid clothes. your sister did you a favor. lol

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you know, the problem with you people who think being non conformist is cool, and cutting up clothes is actually being against it is stupid. being non conformist is more about not caring about others, than actually taking action against them. if you actually try to be non conformist, such as cutting up "conformist" clothes, or whatever, you are more conformist for trying to be something you really aren't. also not caring about other people just makes you a ******* douche bag, and if you heard what the op said what she is like, you "non-conformists" would stop being ******* bitches and realize how stupid her sister was to waste $300, regardless of what the item was.