By fmexgirlfriend - 15/08/2009 05:30 - New Zealand

Today, I got dumped by my girlfriend of 4 years because I didn't know the exact amount of days that we'd been together. FML
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For some reason, I don't think that was the actual reason for why she dumped you. And if after four years, and that's her only reason, then... How did you guys manage to be together that long?

I wonder if this is the OP actually saying "I couldn't remember our anniversary" and has trivialised it by saying "exact number of days" :P


For some reason, I don't think that was the actual reason for why she dumped you. And if after four years, and that's her only reason, then... How did you guys manage to be together that long?

yep, nobody in a happy relationship would end it because of that, but i am surprised she couldn't come up with something else

I agree with RBG, I have a feeling she could be using that as an excuse at to why she wanted to break up with you. There could be something bigger but she wanted to come up with something else so it would be easier for her to dump you?

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Maybe she's cheating :O Hope not. Better just hope she's psycho and that IS the only reason why she dumped you, even though that is highly unlikely.

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Agreed. I know it's annoying, but this is how girls are, I do stuff like this to my boyfriend. Chances are she had been upset with you for not paying enough attention to the relationship, or something like that. In her mind, knowing how many days you had been together was probably a final test. It had definitely been building up. Unless she's seriously crazy, there's no way she just broke up with you for that tiny reason.

Girls doing that stuff goes beyond annoying. It also further damages relationships when guys know exactly what they're trying to do, get annoyed, and intentionally say what they don't want to hear. I agree though that in this case, the girl was probably looking for a way out and sadly somehow this was the best idea she could come up with.

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I'm a girl. I wouldn't do something that stupid. Have a real reason to break up with a guy, and say it to their face.

How can you not know EXACTLY how many days you've been together?! (sarcasm) Oh, and by the way, it was probably just an excuse to dump you for another guy. If she's that dumb, she doesn't deserve you. You'll find someone waaaay better.

I know psychotic people who would do something like that. FYL, OP.

YDI for going out with a psycho.

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dude you don't know how to multiple

lol if that WAS her actual reason, then be glad you are apart; sounds like a potentially crazy ex

Yeah, there's obviously more to this story. Sounds like OP is happier without her anyway with the "fmexgirlfriend".

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Wow. I think marrying her would've drove you nuts. She just did you a huge favor. Now go to the bar and pick up some drunk chicks.

I wonder if this is the OP actually saying "I couldn't remember our anniversary" and has trivialised it by saying "exact number of days" :P

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Yeah, me too. No one is that crazy.

Are you certain of this?

fair point there

This, too, occurred to me.

It's still not a decent enough reason to end a 4 year relationship though...

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did she know?

Were you dating Rain Man's sister? Seriously, who knows or cares how many DAYS they'd been dating? Oh wait, was she 16? Teenagers care about these things. .... from someone who once forgot their own wedding anniversary (this was an omen I'm sure) and is eternally grateful that her son was born on Australia Day, otherwise she'd never remember his birthday!

Not hard to calculate if you know the date you guys started dating.

Longer than a minute? Brush up your maths...

Don't forget 2008 is a leap year.

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February 22, 2005 to August 15, 2009 365 - 22 = 343 days in 2005 365 = days in 2006 365 = days in 2007 366 = days in 2008 31 + 30 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 31 = 245 days in 2009 Total is 1684 days. this took me two minutes, big deal.

hey guys, it took me exactly 3 seconds: 1635 days ago all hail our information overlord wolfy

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31 + 30 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 31 _____ There aren't 30 days in February either, not even adding the extra day for leap year. The example was also to August 15th, not the 31st, so there's another 16 days. So 18 days off in 2009 (2 days for Feb. and 16 for August) and 31 days off in 2005, hey at least you got the 365/366 days for the full years. Clearly it's not as easy as you think.

Your Maths is wrong. February is the second month, so the first year would've been 365 - (31 + 22), not just 365 - 22. And you're wrong for the last year too - it's 31 + 28 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 15. Then there's also the fact of whether you're including or excluding that day, or even the very first day - it would be the day after you met when you'd have known each other for a whole day. Since most people can't calculate things like 54 x 12 in their heads (it's 648), I doubt that somebody would be able to produce an accurate number on the spot without a pen and paper at the very least. Nobody in their right mind counts the days after you get past maybe 100 days, a year tops. Just out of interest, if you were calculating from the 22nd February 2005 to the 15th August 2009 (we'll count the 15th as a whole day but the 22nd Feb is day zero): 2005: 365 - (31 + 22) = 312 2006: 365 2007: 365 2008: 366 2009: 4 x 31 + 2 x 30 + 28 + 15 = 124 + 60 + 43 = 227 312 + 3 x 365 + 227 = 539 + 1095 = 1634 Which is probably wrong since I did that in my head without paper, pen or calculator - proving the FML and that it was either an excuse or the icing on the top of the cake and the OP was unaware of the cake. Sorry for posting one of the most longest and annoying comments on here.

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Nope, your math is spot on there. Another commenter got 1635, but I assume that has to do with February 22nd being day one, rather than day 0 (as you stated). Also, props for using "maths" it's been a while since I've heard that. 54*12 = 50*10+50*2+4*10+4*2 = 500 + 100 + 40 + 8 = 648. Or pretend to send a text message and use the calculator.

You forgot to subtract January 2005...

It's like a Professor Layton puzzle...

Sounds like it was an excuse to leave you dude.

shit a brick

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Rofl waffle.

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it shouldn't have been that hard tho if you two were together for 4 years times it by how many days there are in a year but don't forget the leap year either but I take it it won't help you lol sorry about your **** of a gf

It might not have been exactly 4 years? He is generalising as four years but the likelihood that it is exactly four years (and therefore has forgotten their anniversary) is very small.