By kittykat - 08/08/2009 18:02 - United States

Today, I snuck out of my bedroom to go pee very quickly, so I wouldn't wake up my new puppy who doesn't like being away from me. In the 60 seconds it took me to pee, wash my hands and walk back into the room she had pooped, peed, and left potty-paw-prints all over my bed. FML
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Conkers 0

Maybe she's telling you that you should use your room as a toilet so you don't have to be away from her? Just a thought.


hate @ you! Anyway: Sorry to hear that, but you shouldnt let a puppy sleep in your room because they still need to learn loads of stuff

Crate. Training. How do you get a puppy without reading up on proper training first?

Canuck 0

#3 is mostly right.. you shouldn't let the dog sleep with you period it will only start thinking it is equal and while equality sounds great.. when it comes to dogs it brings nothing but problems.. keep it up and you will have a problem case that will drive you nuts for years to come.. oh and if you are single(which it sounded like you are) you are even more ****** if you ever bring a man home.. I hope he can take being attacked and barked at constantly

Bunnystomper 1
Bunnystomper 1

YDI for having a bathroom in your house.

melnoi 0

I wonder if this is a Doberman puppy! They are also called Velcro Dogs because they are so loving and attached to their owners! But yes, crate training is the way to go. Plus when they get big they will become giant bedhogs!!

Conkers 0

Maybe she's telling you that you should use your room as a toilet so you don't have to be away from her? Just a thought.

Xdanicat 0

Aww! That sucks, but congrats on your new puppy. It must be friggin cute. Just needs to be trained. (:

jardinteylor 0

Uh, no. YDI for letting your dog get so attatched. That's the kind of thing you're supposed to avoid, because of separation anxiety.

helloheart0777 0

I freaking love the shirt ur wearing in ur prof. pic. XD

GilPanda 0

Try crate training her, genius.

kawa_fml 0

NEW puppy, hasn't had time to train her yet, genius. OP: new puppies are a pain, I'd buy one of those books or join a class asap, or else this won't be the only time you have little potty-puppy paw prints all over the place. Trust me, I know.

Before you go around acting like other people are stupid, maybe you should do some research. He suggested *crate training*. It's what you do with NEW puppies. It means they sleep in a crate and you wake up throughout the night to take them either outside or to a puppy pad and stand over them and wait while they do their business. The fact that you were condescending enough to sarcastically call someone else a genius really irked me, considering your criticism didn't make an ounce of sense. Genius.

birds_fml 7

It's not so much about crate training, it's about not feeding your dog/puppy's neediness. If you put your dog in a crate at night, and not allow it in your room with you, it'll get used to being left alone and realize that you always come back, and become a well adjusted dog. If you respond to your dog whining to be with you every time, it'll just get worse and worse and this is the result. When I first got my cat as a kitten, he cried his little kitten mews outside my bedroom door for an hour, and it broke my heart, but I knew that if I let him in he would learn that crying to be with me would get him what he wanted, and then be even MORE anxious later on. It only lasted a couple nights, before he got over it.

awww puppys are awesome :) i have one and hes such a great pup :) lol potty paw prints....never heard that term before