By alyssaamarante - 13/06/2015 02:41 - United States - East Northport

Today, I decided to go thrifting to save some money. Ironically, I ended up having to pay for an emergency trip to the hospital because somebody was too lazy to wash the cat hair off their clothes. I'm severely allergic to cats. FML
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You don't bathe thrift store clothes in hydrochloric acid before you wear them?! Or am I the only one who's that afraid of other people's germs?

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As a former secondhand shop worker, I will say that no, the store does not wash the clothes before they are sent out, big industrial size washers are mad expensive to buy and operate. However, if something has cat hair on it, we would lint roll the garment, or if it was completely covered, we would toss it. But anyway, i think it's common sense to wash the clothes before putting them on your body, so I'm saying YDI


You don't bathe thrift store clothes in hydrochloric acid before you wear them?! Or am I the only one who's that afraid of other people's germs?

Could have been a jacket that they tried on in the store.

Or even touched while they were browsing through the clothes racks.

That's it. I'm starting my own chapter of the Rocky Mountain Nudists Association, regional penchant for surprise snowstorms be damned!

must be gay if you're allergic to pussy

Are you trolling or are you just a dumbass in general?

FYL for being allergic to cats in general.

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Actually they're not supposed to wash or clean anything

It actually depends on the store. I worked in one and we were required to wash everything that came in.

Depends on the thrift store. There's one locally that sends all clothing donations back to a hub where they're cleaned, sorted and sent to stores for resale. Sometimes what you give them locally ends on on the rack here but it's pretty rare since it's a huge international chain store.

None of the four different thrift stores here wash/clean.

I work at a secondhand store and it is not our job to do that. We tell people to wash the clothing bringing it in.

Looks like the Salvation Army is using chemical warfare.

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Being cheap isn't always the best way out

I highly doubt thrift stores even wash the clothes they receive. That's a whole lot of laundry for a $2 shirt.

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What a catastrophe.

Um you should always wash clothes before you wear them.

They might have tried it on in the store. Or just picked it up and had a reaction. It says severely allergic. I used to know someone who would have an allergic reaction to peanuts even if he just smelled it. That shit's serious.

I don't know how this is even being debated. Wash the damn clothes before you wear them.

they didn't say they wore the clothes. they could've tried something on or even just touched it while browsing.