By Anonymous - United States - Cottonwood
Today, I started my first day of work at our local humane society. I asked where the break room was, so my coworker directed me to a small room in the back of the building. The only place I get to take my lunch break is the same room where they euthanize, freeze and cremate the animals. FML
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  mariah_1_11  |  22

You get used to it after awhile. I grew up in a vets office. It wasn't uncommon for me to drink my juice while sitting in the operating room while my mom helped the dr.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

Since when has it been on the Internet that if you are a person you shouldn't take seriously you just leave it alone? I think people more react with "oh look a bad attempt at a joke I shouldn't take seriously, BURN THEM WITH FIRE!"