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  SarahBearXoX  |  0

#6 if it was while they were together, I agree punch him. but I'm wondering if op is just whinging about nothing, if so, harden up op. I wonder if she's upset cause he's an agressive kisser? (:

  free2speak  |  14

wow, I chipped my boyfriends tooth while giving him a goodbye kiss one day about two years ago. were still together and not in PA, so it's not the same guy but that's still a bit weird. hah. what a coincidence!

  Laurendorcus  |  0

Haha, thats what happened with my boyfriend and I. i was walking in front of him and he grabbed me and spun me around so I started laughing and he quickly went forward to kiss me and his tooth got chipped by mine. He just went to a dentist and they kinda sanded it down to make it even again (It was a fairly small chip)

By  Sweetest_Cherry  |  0

Usually if someones tooth breaks that easily, its a sign their teeth are starting to rot. If this happened while you two were dating, give the cheater/dunno what a toothbrush is, the boot!