By misunderstood - 05/09/2010 10:56 - Australia

Today, after having a fight with my boyfriend, we had what I thought to be the best make-up sex, because he seemed so happy and upbeat. Turns out he misunderstood. He was happy because he thought it was break-up sex. FML
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call him later and say that youre pregnant

#18 ur reply has nothing to do with #1 :V

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I know you're joking but that is so wrong.... WTF and you're a guy saying this(:

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yea i know i tried commenting elsewhere but it wouldnt post

I can say That I never had break up sex. What is the point? Move on and look for someone else why even continue to hook up

I have never had break up sex. What is the point? Move on find someone else.

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who has sex right before you break up

why did you argue with him was it a good reason or was it a bitchy reason? if bitchy ydi if good fly I'm sorry.

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Poor thing. I guess he was right though. I don't think anyone in their right mind would stay with him.

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Maybe you should have "get-back-together sex".

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At least you had good sex. Every storm cloud has a silver lining!....Unless it's at night.

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sounds like OP misunderstood

so was it break up sex? can't blame him. break up sex is best because all kind of freaky can happen without worrying about what the other thinks or feels. Grunge it baby

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ummm right… #8's title is Mr, just saying

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SaintE... You really fight mma?! :)

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I never believed in the whole make-up or break-up sex thing, if u want my opinion it's a stupid way to make up after a fight. I wouldn't wanna have sex with my bf after he just pissed me off. just sayin. lol

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how do you mistake that!!! 8 I'm bored