By wtf. - 02/06/2009 16:46 - United States

Today, I saw my super creepy live-in uncle standing in the kitchen holding a pair of my underwear and smiling at it, humming to himself. He didn't see me. I stood there for at least 30 seconds in shock, and when I backed away he was still looking at them. FML
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beatrix_fml tells us more.

okay. OP here. yes, i created an account just to answer some questions. 1) i am a girl. but really, i'm sorry. it's pretty much just as creepy as if i were a guy. 2) the reason he didn't hear me or see me is because the way my house is set up, it's a two-story house with a full finished basement. i live in the basement. i was coming up the stairs, and the kitchen is at the top of the stairs. so i was still near the bottom of the stairs, he was up at the top in the kitchen. also, he was humming to himself and clearly... not paying attention to anything else. also, the kitchen is right by the laundry room, so it wasn't completely random that he was standing in the kitchen with them. except... it still kind of is. 3) they were definitely my underwear. 4) he does have mental health issues. the reason he lives with us is because he was really depressed a few years ago. but that's pretty much the least of his problems. heebidy jeebidy. 5) i honestly don't know if they were clean or not. and lastly... yes, i have told my parents. they're not sure what to do about it, but they are putting a lock on my door and all of my laundry is to stay in my room now and go directly from my room to the washer and back to my room, and he's not allowed anywhere near them. i don't think they've talked to him about it yet. ewihatehim.

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Creepy!!!!

Your uncle seems to have...issues =| You may want to tell your parents about it or something lol.


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Creepy!!!!

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OP'S UNCLE= PERV ALERT. if he had a submarine be wouldn't have a periscope he'd have a pervascope.

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hahahaha! funny! tell ur parents. bak where he used to live, he might have been a rapest or molester. that might be why he's at ur house and not in his old town. think of what ur gonna say, then tell ur parents asap

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Only in Utah.

If he has a birthday coming up, I think you know what to get him.

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Haha gross.

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never wear that underwear again

HAHA i thought i was the only one with a super creepy live in uncle!

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LOL thats sick, kick him out.

Your uncle seems to have...issues =| You may want to tell your parents about it or something lol.

That's when you tell the parent who isn't the uncle's sibling, and/or call the police.

Stay away from him

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4th!!!!! Creeep3r!