By prego - 13/04/2012 14:15 - United States - Sterling Heights

Today, my husband told me to stop faking being sick, because, "morning sickness doesn't happen after noon." FML
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notjustanybody20 9

& you're carrying this dumbass' baby! poor you! your kinds probably arnt going to be very smart either...

God, the irony here is just laughable.

*And *aren't And you forgot to capitalize at the beginning of a new sentence.

OP just tell the dumbass you have noon sickness in the afternoon, and morning sickness in the morning. His stupidity level is probably high enough to buy it.

notjustanybody20 9

capitalise?!!! dude please get a life. dont you have better things to do in life?! it wasn't a ******* college essay. as a matter of fact, i do belong to england. so i have fairly good knowledge of the language. its human to make mistakes as you type sometimes

starman02 12

He's not a dumbass just misinformed.. It's surprising how many men and women think morning sickness only happens in the morning.

Hahaha, umad? Anyway, I realize that I was being an ass and I apologize, but all I'm saying is that if you're going to call someone stupid, at least be able to type a normal sentence or else it looks ironic. And since you asked so nicely, I'm actually just in a car driving back from an hour and a half trip so no, I don't have anything better to do right now.

RedPillSucks 31

@44... Sigh... Belong to england? They did outlaw slavery in the 1820's right (History Nazi's attack!)

44- Being English doesn't make you any better at spelling and grammar. The fact that you would even use that as self defence made me cringe inside.

You don't need to be writing a college essay to use proper grammar. English class is meant to prepare you to use proper grammar in every day communication.

Llama_Face89 33

44- If you don't use proper grammar in your everyday life, you're more likely to slip up when it matters most.

When did writing properly become tedious?

wlddog 14

Being able to communicate is a practiced skill. If you practice to fail you will always fail. If you practice to succeed you will get better with time.

I can really give a flying **** if you are english. If you are going to make a legitimate comment about stupidity, at least make it legible. No one likes to see some idiot running around fml pissing everyone off with their shitty grammar. I didn't look but you must be new, as your attempt to revolt against some 12k grammar nazis didn't turn out too good.

Llamacod 11

"I belong to England" lol wtf

Had to put my two cents in on this one... 44, I also hate Grammar Nazis but the only thing WORSE is people like you who call someone a dumb-ass and spell it all wrong. Digging yourself a deep grave by fighting it!

*put. Can't edit in my phone sorry guys.

44- Love the last part of your "About Me" you recently updated. Let us know if you want another Life Lesson.

Used to think the same thing, OP's husband. But then I turned 6 and my mom became pregnant.

Hey everyone. I love irony and ironic things. Goodbye.

Little girl. Grow up actually go to English class. And maybe move away from England, i hate your stupidity, rudeness and don't be rude about other peoples kids. Having kids involves a guy. Good luck with that.

You "belong to England".. what does that mean? Anyway, what he's saying is that if you're going to comment on someone's apparent lack of intelligence, at least write properly.

Okay guys, I think (hope) she got it the first ten times someone grilled her. Yes, she made some ignorant statements, but now you're just shooting a dead animal. It's done. Finished. Over. Carry on with your days.

145- your a dum ass. its funny how they does it.

twistedlovex 0

I belong to Germany what does that make me naturally amazing at?

50, no starting sentences with 'and'.

maronofhearts 19

Well technically morning sickness is in the morning but there's no reason why you can't get sick for many reasons during the day. Like from a smell or sight or just nothing

137- couldn't have said it better myself lol.

spekledworf 18

44 is new here... She'll learn soon.... soon

the sad thing is, i thought the same thing

Guys don't get informed enough when it comes to their partners' pregnancy.

Maybe not, but nowadays there are so many books written specifically for fathers-to-be. There's no excuse for being totally uneducated. There's even a "Dad's Guide to Pregnancy for Dummies"! - which sounds perfect for OP's dopey husband.

siickman 7

Yea but its just common sense... I mean i can understand why girls would be faking it and over dramatic but like srsly he just has to be understanding ...

siickman 7

Btw im not stating OP was faking it.. Just saying i would understand if a girl was faking it

Llama_Face89 33

Even if she is faking (unlikely. Somehow I don't think her body cares if it's called "morning" sickness) your woman is pregnant. You damn well better suck it up and pamper the shit outa her.

Llamacod 11

Siickman, do you not know how to spell seriously? You use normal spelling all the way through except that.

#57, do you have a lot of experience with woman faking things?

MissHayleyJames 7

75, where are the rest of the men like you?

Okay... Then tell him you have afternoon sickness... Or just throw up everywhere and make him clean it.

Make him? Sorry to say, NOBODY could ever "make" me clean vomit. Nobody.

#8 - You'd make an awful parent if you wouldn't help your sick, vomiting child.

#31 that's assuming he's going to have children.

I'm not near ready to be a parent. I know that. Vomit is disgusting though. I would clean my child's vomit, and yes I would help out my pregnant wife. But the way this comment is worded makes it seem so forceful. I'd be willing to clean up after my wife out of kindness (and hopefully love), but I hate being forced. So sorry if I came (or am coming) off as an asshole, it's just how I am.

Yes, I would shove his head in the vomit and sit on him until he cleaned it up. I suppose that's a tad bit forceful, but it could be worse, right?

RedPillSucks 31

That would be the only way he would realize it's not being faked.

Llamacod 11

I don't think I would ever want to go to keyboardwarriors house if he ever has children, there would be vomit rotting on the floor from when his kids threw up as kbw would never clean it

Are you illiterate? Did you not read my second comment? Well, whatever, I wouldn't want you at my house anyways!

tyler7891: With that kind of ignorant attitude, you're buying yourself a one way ticket to 60-year-old-virgin Land. And considering you're new, you're not doing much for your reputation either.

To miss school, to avoid church, to not socialize with friends, to stay off work, to get attention, to get thinner (bulimic), to stay at home, to avoid going shopping with parents, etc. The list goes on...

When I was pregnant I had morning sickness but i didn't vomit, I just felt sick.

15- yes, but typically people can't vomit on command. So if ops husband saw her throw up, that should prove she wasn't faking..

27 - if you strategically place your fingers at the back of your throat, you could pull it off. How you could do that strategically, I do not know...

French_Toast_fml 3

15- People with bulimia do not fake vomit. They vomit for real.

@ #30 - That's not "fake" vomiting. That causes you to REALLY vomit. Putting a can of cream of chicken in the toilet and sitting there moaning and gagging is "fake vomiting."

I can stick my fingers down my throat and not vomit, so that method isn't very reliable

Llama_Face89 33

How can you fake being sick?! Surely your vomit proves that you're not faking?

Theres plenty of ways to fake being sick.

littlemsweirdo 12

He needs a high the face...with a chair. Lol, what a dumbass...

High-five him in the face with a medical textbook. It's lighter, so you can get more momentum, and the mass is more compact, so more force will go in his face. I recommend the Merck Manual.

I would beat him with a phone book, apparently that's what police do to prisoners because they don't leave marks!

MissHayleyJames 7

Merck anything Manuals (I have the Vet Manual) are deadly weapons. I also recommend them!

challan 19

Tell him it will be easier for you to stop faking orgasms.

crammer1 6

This comment made my freaking day! Oh so true! Lol

Throw that book, "What to expect when you're expecting" at his head, hard.

Perhaps throw it when he least expects it? Lol