By Anonymous - 29/03/2013 05:37 - United States - Mariposa

Today, I found out that the money that my wife claims went into repairing her car engine actually is going towards helping her pay for a divorce. FML
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I guess you could say she needs to kickstart her heart.

gonna be awful hard to drive away from you with her still broken car


I guess you could say she needs to kickstart her heart.

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Maybe OP will get to keep the good car!! But sorry about the loss.....

Guess now your gonna be running on E for a while.

You're* Good God I don't need to comment before 10:00 a.m. again. My apologies, people.

I think my mind has officially been blown. It is technically before 11:51am, yet after 11:52am My god.

Well, my alter ego, Dwight Schrute, is German. I, however, am American.

I suppose you'll just have to get that money back in the settlement.

A divorce with you or someone else? Either way, I think you're gonna be a lady short.

umm, "I found out that the money that my WIFE" ??? But you know people always use the word wife for a code for something else

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Women I follow everywhere W.I.F.E

If it was OP's wife, like he said, OP would be the only person the wife could be divorcing.

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I think it's time to cut her money supply off

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Who said she doesn't work and have a supply too? She told him she spent some money on the car, not that she used her allowance for it. This isn't the 1950s.

1950? Bitch please w.e the woman thinks she owns is actually the mans

5- it didn't say that op was giving his wife money. It basically just said she lied about where the money was going to.

Wait, your wife actually deals with garages and such on her own? Do whatever it takes to win her back.

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Why is it weird that a women can either take her car to the shop or fix it herself?

Not saying they can't or should not, I am saying that most do not. In that respect he is blessed.

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@13 because a time in the not so distant past women were thought to be the weaker sex and thought incapable of the level of thought achieved by men. That falsehood has continued into modern times.

I think you missed the point.. she isn't actually dealing with a garage. she is dealing with a divorce lawyer. she lied about the car being fixed

His point is that since OP didn't find this odd in the first place, she is the kind of woman who isn't afraid to take her own car in. Some women wouldn't be caught dead doing that. But, its not a good reason to save a marriage.

Thank you 39, I keep forgetting that this is a site where people come for serious comfort and therapy. Sometimes I try to say things to get a laugh. Frankly the hiding of marital assets will be an excellent boon to his argument in divorce court.

gonna be awful hard to drive away from you with her still broken car

How do you know it's actually broke and not another lie? Or it could have been cosmetic damage she was going to fix which would have nothing to do with the ability to drive said car.

You will come to see it is the best money you've ever spent, I'd bet.

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Eh, close enough. You're going to get screwed out of a lot of money either way.

So, rather than suggesting communication, or any attempt to do something remotely logical, you suggest this? GTFO. 0/10 if trolling.

Op does not have a valid reason to sue her. Op, I suggest that you sign the divorce papers. Good luck.

@11 Sue for what, wanting a divorce?! She lied but I don't think that's something you can sue for, unless maybe if it's a threat to your life or someone else's. I'm not lawyer so I wouldn't know.