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  Bakayarou_fml  |  0

Really? That is what you chose to comment about. Let's see:
Your grammar sucks.
Your name is incomplete.
There are lots of other comments, so lots of new material there.
Your comment doesn't add any value to this FML.
All of the above are FACTS.

  DocBastard  |  38

damnalltheasshol - new material? You're worried about MATERIAL? I wasn't aware that this was a comedy show and that we were all hired for your amusement.

Here's some new material - I bet you couldn't empty a boot full of shit even if the instructions were written on the heel. Why don't you go shove a grenade up your ass and see if you can fart the 1812 Overture. Do it now.

  ComMed1  |  0

OP you have to be the biggest idiot for paying for their choice. if they can't handle being married then maybe they shouldn't have gotten it done in the first place.

  ak7477  |  9

Not really, since it's all a sham, they aren't getting divorced. They just want OP's money for the plane ticket to Tahiti, for that massive orgy they've been planning on going to for Years, but it got interrupted because of the birth of the abomination known as the OP. So it's all good.

  oooKiLLaHooo  |  0

WTF?! parents bring a child into the world to take care of's completely okay to rely on your parents for money until you're 18.. I, however,do not, but that's beyond this point..

  SuperNova69  |  0

banks don't give a fuck about u. and if the states gets ther way and all the banks form into one national bank with 1 currency I'm sure the banks will rob everyone fuckin blind. I leave my money in my safe next to my .45. best bank I cud ask for =P

  SuperNova69  |  0

124. good luck with that. ur ever in Edmonton Alberta u are welcome to try. hey all u gotta do is get past the 5 pitbulls, the .45, and what ever other goodies I have for the poor dumbass who trys to rob me Cus I will shoot u in Ur fuckin face and laugh.