By Ineedjustice03 - 25/03/2011 11:55 - Singapore

Today, I had to dig into my savings to help my parents pay for their divorce. FML
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Uh.. no you don't, that's not your problem

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Parents should never involve their children in their marital problems. Sorry OP that you have to deal with that, it's not fair to you.


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that sucks o: why would they make you pay in the first place though?

The fact that you feel you had to do that shows you that there is a reason for this divorce. One of them doesn't play fair.

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the fact that you always use the fact means your unoriginal now get some new material I've been to 3 FMLs and it's the same.

Really? That is what you chose to comment about. Let's see: Your grammar sucks. Your name is incomplete. There are lots of other comments, so lots of new material there. Your comment doesn't add any value to this FML. All of the above are FACTS.

25 you go, dude! tell that bitch troll where it's at! macaroniiiiiiiiii

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Happy family, indeed! Helping each other out. Never see that these days!

Make sure you take advantage of the 2 Christmases you should get

26. as a friend I'm warning you, I got banned for using that word.

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****..****..****! ****, I can't say it!

damnalltheasshol - new material? You're worried about MATERIAL? I wasn't aware that this was a comedy show and that we were all hired for your amusement. Here's some new material - I bet you couldn't empty a boot full of shit even if the instructions were written on the heel. Why don't you go shove a grenade up your ass and see if you can fart the 1812 Overture. Do it now.

docbastard - that's the funniest thing I've ever read on fml, thanks for the laugh

oh shit that was pretty funny...some new material esta loco

Lmfao DocBastard, I love your comment

and you deserve it cuz your the idiot paying. it's not your problem it your parents problem. so make them pay for that decisions.

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Wow, this amuses me. You rarely ever see families helping each other out these days. What a happy family. (':

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lol "dig" usually people keep their money above ground, get with the program OP

Yeah...don't do that. Your parents should pay *literally* for their own mistakes.

Punish your parents by NOT helping them out! Paybacks a b** ch!! :p They must have grounded you when you were younger for something so pass along the favor! :))

OP you have to be the biggest idiot for paying for their choice. if they can't handle being married then maybe they shouldn't have gotten it done in the first place.

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Exactly. He did NOT HAVE to pay

Not really. But the parents might guilt us to death.

Not really, since it's all a sham, they aren't getting divorced. They just want OP's money for the plane ticket to Tahiti, for that massive orgy they've been planning on going to for Years, but it got interrupted because of the birth of the abomination known as the OP. So it's all good.

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HOLY ****! That made me shit my pants! #40 you win!

two chirstmases if there lucky so in the long run will get your moneys worth

I would of showed them the finger and walked away..

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Uh.. no you don't, that's not your problem

96- OP doesnt fail. he/she could have been made to help pay for the divorce. its not their fault.

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agreed, I don't see why that is your responsibility.

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obviously u r not their favorite child :(

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what kinda question is that??

fyl. I hate pathetic parents that rely on their kids for money.

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and I hate pathetic kids that rely on their parents for money for at least 18 years I mean come on get a JOB 

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WTF?! parents bring a child into the world to take care of's completely okay to rely on your parents for money until you're 18.. I, however,do not, but that's beyond this point..

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tell them to pay for their own damn divorce,

Do you burry your money? Try putting it in a bank account instead, it pays interest.

sorry mermaid man, but does it matter where OP keeps his/her money? either way she still paid for part of their divorce xD lol

banks don't give a **** about u. and if the states gets ther way and all the banks form into one national bank with 1 currency I'm sure the banks will rob everyone ****** blind. I leave my money in my safe next to my .45. best bank I cud ask for =P

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39.. I hope you're money gets stolen and whoever did it shoots you with that .45

124. good luck with that. ur ever in Edmonton Alberta u are welcome to try. hey all u gotta do is get past the 5 pitbulls, the .45, and what ever other goodies I have for the poor dumbass who trys to rob me Cus I will shoot u in Ur ****** face and laugh.

why would that be necessary??? in what situation?

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