By hahahaha090114 - 30/01/2010 18:59 - United States

Today, I found out I was getting a divorce. My wife is leaving me for my brother, saying that now that he has money there is nothing that can stand in their way. I recently decided to send him money to help him get back on his feet. FML
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KateeJo 0

she ain't nothing but a gold digger.

I'd punch my brother in the face


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mmmmm these FMLs really sound unrealistic, as if though they are being made up. hope they are not made up

CyclonePsycho 1

"c u next tuesday" Is it immature that I sniggered at that? That's pretty clever. OP: be glad you are rid of her. I know it hurts now, but think of it as a good thing that they have exposed themselves as the scum that they are. Think of it as a doorway to find real people who are truly worthwhile of your time. And don't forget to laugh when your brother and wife are out broke on the curb because they're retarded when it comes to money. Laugh and speed up through a mud puddle.

bettadenne1 0

congrats ur first now go suck a left one

Anyways.... your ex wife is a huge bitch.

fyl bro that sucks

you're not second. and OP thats terrible, i'm so sorry.

KurouTenshi 0

yeah that sucks dude :/ my dad is always helping out his brothers and all they do is **** him over, so it might just be best to let them be, also, FYL and FYWife, go get someone who will love you :)

seriously man, its like that with my dad to, he lends his brothers money, and they deny that he did and dont pay him back

Third, they are pathetic they still live with their mom and they are 26 and 29 how old is she? 65 My dad works too much for them to deserve help

Well, he's going to run out of YOUR money at some point, and then your gold digging EX-wife will be doomed then. Karma's a biotch!

u mean u gave him money and he managed to do more with it than you...or it's the same amount of money why she's leaving u...anyways ur life lol

Sounds more like she'd been wanting to leave him for the brother, but hadn't because the brother had no money to support her, and now he does, thanks to OP. GG.

KateeJo 0

she ain't nothing but a gold digger.

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Now I ain't she a gold digger But she ain't messing with no broke ****** That is exactly why she chose the husband. but now that the brothers got the cash and she always favored him.. good for her But what she didn't realize that since the money came from op, the bro just might waste it and she doesn't have any money for herself So don't worry Op, she'll suffer in the long run. But still FYL. I mean ur brother took ur girl and money? Sucks. And bitch if a wife? That bites tio

She ain't messin with no broke nigga

I'd punch my brother in the face

The truth! I'm sure when she runs him out of money she will come crawling back!

that's the biggest freakin Gold digger!

wow that sucks...I would go and punch him in the face for steeling your girl

noobgang7 5

why, he is now with the gold digging bitch, wish him luck, THEN punch him in the face lol

hotshot312..steeling?..really? it's not stealing? ur a dumb bitch

If you're going to correct someone, at least follow the basic principles of grammar yourself. Prick.

tothetest300 0

damn that sucks. you have a horrible brother and wife both!

ipooprainbows 0

pimp hammer.... lol!

ginob 0

pimp hammer FTW'

that's full of win

wow dude ******* kick your bros ass and pimp hammer that bitch ( like a slap but with a closed hand ;) )

BosatKhanjar101 0

aw. that sux =,( she was a gold digger u didn't deserve her then

do u really mean that? or u meant to say that she doesn't deserve him?