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Today, someone came into the store I work at, laughed at my name on my name-tag, and left without even buying anything. FML
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i can't be the only person to wanna know OP'S name


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OP should've atleast told us their name so we could see if it was funny too

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Probably should clarify that. Epic Lloyd dis raps for hire season 2 episode 1 on YouTube.

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Feel free to use punctuation so people can actually understand what you were attempting to say.

If my name was Anonymous, I'd expect to get laughed at too.

Yeah, how can we choose between "Your life sucks" and "you deserve it" if we don't even know your name ?

There're photos on name tags as well, just so you know.

37- laurenlovesjb What is your last name?

Believe it or not, people have some weird names...

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Kim Kardashian's daughter is living proof of that.

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There's worse names floating around. I know a man named Lemonjello, one named Starlight Moonchaser and a girl named Dasani Waters. Some parents are just cruel.

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worst I've seen is La-ah pronounced (l' dasha )

I'd like to be named "Anonymous". A thousand years from now, historians would believe I was the wisest person to ever live. Just think of everything attributed to "anonymous".

Why is this being down voted?! This is true, I remember hearing about it because the mother was upset at people mispronouncing her name!

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I know a girl named lloyaltii and a boy named untonio

I know a girl named La-a, pronounced "Luh-dash-uh".

My art teacher's name is Huckleberry Titanium Dwarf... names do get pretty weird !

i can't be the only person to wanna know OP'S name

you're not, 1 and 3 already showed some interest in that area......

absolutely. I hate it when people just make the same first post after!

In this case I think you're being a little harsh, they were all posted within a minute of each other

Hm fair point 30. In this case the fault was not so much "I post repetitive comments" as the good old familiar "I wanna be #1" syndrome. Much better. Agreed and conceded :)

what is so special about being number one? i commented because i wanted to not because i had to be first. and i didnt see the other two comments when i wrote mine

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suuurree.... how are we suppose to trust a compulsive liar 85?

haha i see that somebody read my status. hahaha

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if you're that insecure about it, just ask your manager to have a nickname (or abbreviation if the name is long) on your name tag instead

I have a popular dogs name so customers like to tell me how their great aunts second cousins twin sisters mailmans dog has the same name or some shyt. The pain is felt

We all would love to know your name OP. Promise not to laugh *fingers crossed behind back* lol jk

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Hi, meg? Lol. Sorry op, people are jerks.