By loser - / Monday 9 May 2011 21:12 / United States
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By  straw7bery  |  0

haha loser

  valalvax  |  13

how much do divorces cost (honestly don't know) seems she wouldn't be able to get anything but the worth of the gold and stone for it, which isn't very much unless it's a gigantic ring

  MissFML14  |  1

Well I know but I mean.. Why would she put this as an fml , if she's only selling to get the money out of it ? It seems like she's pretty upset about it. So like whatever , I just think this shouldn't be fml.

  instantmusic  |  4

Not all divorces are entirely centered around anger and hate, so not everyone is gonna RAGEQUIT and erase everything about the relationship to retaliate. For many people, its a time of life-altering, sorrow and heartbreak, and anger can be a secondary emotion. The fact remains(in the incidences I'm talking about), that there was a sincere love and intention to be together forever. Having that kind of feeling, and later admitting that you were wrong is a wretched feeling. So it makes sense to me that someone might want to hang onto those sorta things, because there were times of true happiness, and to be honest its better to remember bad relationships and grow from them, than to repress them and become bitter. Of course, not everyone is going to see it this way, and I don't know her situation.

I guess it really just goes down to what flavor of icecream you prefer.

  kristylew03  |  1

Maybe she didn't actually want the divorce and wanted to hold on to the ring just in case they got back together... It made it final and if she didn't want it to be, that would be pretty depressing.


Well aren't you a dick. Some people who get divorced actually have to do that becaue the ex to be sometimes makes everything outrageously out priced. Someday, you'll probably be making this same fml dumbass. Think before you type.

  iAmScrubs  |  19

The username of the person who wrote this FML is named Loser. Maybe 2 was laughing at that. Either way, it is a very unintelligent comment. Something a little bit more clever could be thought of.:)

  iAmScrubs  |  19

obviously 29 couldn't have seen the username or else he/she wouldn't have posted the comment. Your comment, on the other hand, makes it look like OP's name is Dumb Ass Loser. Proper grammar would be You're a dumb ass, loser is OP's name. That way there would be no mixups.

  Haydenob  |  0

don't be an Ass 27... what if her parents divorced? it's hard for the whole family, not just the couple. she could have also gotten married at a younger age and then divorced not long after. she could also just be assuming that it's hard which it is. Or the picture is his/her daughter or even a random person she just made as her pic. 27 is a loser.

  doom2  |  8

27- I look twelve? I'm 16, and no I've never been divorced and my parents haven't either (thankfully.) I have plenty of relatives that I have seen go through divorce. It can (and usually does) effect the whole family plus friends, and is not a very pleasant thing to deal with. The process of divorce is not fun. Just because I haven't been divorced doesn't mean I haven't seen what it can do to families and friends. thank you to the other people here that stuck up for me (:

By  mike3775  |  30

That happens often. My mom sold her wedding ring when she divorced my dad to pay her attorney off. The ring belongs to you, and is yours to do with what you please or need

  JayBear14  |  11

Because then she would need money to pay for a lawyer and she wouldn't be able to sell the ring for money then either because it would be confiscated and used as evidence of the murder weapon...

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