By mrrichkid - 06/03/2010 01:05 - United States

Today, my wife of four years confessed to me that she only married me for the money. FML
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heartlessagony 0

ouch...sorry that happened

#5 she must not care too much about security, or she wouldn't have confessed!!! Sorry OP for your bad luck, but I'm sure if you couldn't see that she didn't love you, others around you could!!!


xxdakotaxx 0

woot im first for the first time now i can finally say.. SECOND!! :D btw. Marriage fail, u shoulda hit it and quit it

spiderman0606 0

@ 2: When you're head over heels in love, sometimes you don't see obvious signs of how much it's unrequited. Sorry OP, I know how you feel to a lesser extent. It only lasted 3 months.

you should have said I only married you for your sister, *****

Snick, how would you know signs? You are the last person I see on this Earth being in a relationship. You whine more than anyone on FML, you think your better than everyone, and you are just a complete bitch. To the OP, man that sucks...sometimes we are so blind by love we cannot see who people really are.

xxdakotaxx 0

If u woulda read it, i said i got first for the first time >.> and i said second to make fun of the losers who say first

so blind by love... aww yor a sweet one!

I don't know if that is sarcasm or not, but thanks. lol

sugarbabyxoxo 2

hope you signed a ****** prenuptial agreement! Jesus what a dumb bitch!

bettadenne1 0

well at least now u can take her outa ur will and marry someone else =]

dudeitsdanny 9

Snicks- ... Love is blind. Don't be so bitter. You're not even 18 and you seem to think love is so black and white. It's a shame. And to add to the comment about the prenuptial by 19: If you aint no punk holla ‘We want prenup' ‘WE WANT PRENUP!'

Shae84 0

what the hell does a 16 year old know about relationships?!?! Go proof-read your term paper, Snicks.

dudeitsdanny 9

Tsk, tsk, tsk. You're supposed to proofread until you can't see out of one eye. =P

I'm pretty sure Snick got raped tonight on FML. On almost all the new FML's uploaded, she has been proven that she does not know everything on each one. I'm waiting for her FML to come up, today gave me false information about McDonalds, Prostate Exams, and Love. FML!

Y am I not surprised at your comment... your becoming as predictable as a 'Re-Run' ... Must be a manufacturing Fault :-D

dudeitsdanny 9

@39 Lmao!

Ha, books on love, fastfood and prostate exams? HAHAHA....Get outta here snickers.

dudeitsdanny 9

Snicker- I'm not saying we WANT it to be blind, but it happens. I'm a freaking logic-maniac in the way you seem to be, but when it comes to love... I'm at a loss. Sometimes when you're in love you want them to love you back and don't notice that maybe they don't feel the same. Then you realize that maybe you didn't, either, but it's easier to see clearly as a third-party.

Don't take my comment in a negative way, but for a girl who reads a lot, you sure don't have alot of common sense ....

Morons are we today? Guys, obviously there are signs when you're married or dating someone who's only in it for the money. Trust me, my dad was one of those people. Yes, love isn't black and white, but you shouldn't be so blindly "in love" not to notice someone is taking advantage of you. It's only common sense. I could rant about being in love, but what difference is that going to make? The point is, you can't just not use your brain and ignore such signs because you're in love. Attacking Snickers isn't going to make you any more right or wrong, because she's telling the truth. You don't need a book or the internet to know this sort of thing. Come on people!

haha 11 let me try to prove you wrong. snick want to go out?

this is why you only hit it and quit it

"It's something that you need to have! because when she leave your ass she gonna leave with half!"

#54 and danny are right. If you've never completely fallen for someone, you really don't know what it's like. Besides, there may not have been signs. You watch too much tv if you think it's always a young, hot blonde with a rich, old man or frumpy nerd millionaire. And some people are born actors/actresses or sociopaths and don't give themselves away.

tease 0

Thank you swagga! You r totally right... 1-0 straight up!

guckylynn 19

47, it's possible. a lot of booksmart people have no common sense. growing up I was very booksmart but lacking in the common sense, then things changed when I went to college. it's kinda like a being sheltered thing, those kids don't need common sense because no situations like that are there for them. and I'm not trying to be mean to snicks in any way. it's just true

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

@ snickerdoodles How would a little 14 year old girl know about marriage and if they married for love or not. This is why if you have a lot of money you get a prenup. If she gets offended then she wants your money. If she says okay I want you not your money then your good.

hah you keep telling yourself that peaches. op this is why we have prenups.

ImCool7 0

thank you number 11

Prototype12 0

just tell her, "Ive been having an affair with your mom"

dudeitsdanny 9

Or have the affair. She's leaving with half, anyway.

GeoThermalSleuth 0

Don't you just love that every time Snickerdoodles comments on here it turns into a ''Verbal War of Epic Proportions''? Man I love this website.

@54 THATS HOW STDs ARE SPREAD inbred swine -_-

@11 snick is awesome. If I knew her I would ask her out, or at least try to be as good of a friend as possible, that way even though we'd never go out I'd still be a good enough of a friend to stay in her life XD but you wouldn't understand that would you -_-

they all marry for money

demomanX 0

hope you had her sign a prenup

I agree with 11 I don't know you snick but u seem like u know everything or somthing I'm not hating that's the last thing on my mind. ha but just chill

Observation Win: snickerdoodles is ignorant. have a nice day.

ThatsMyHerpesBoy 0

that's a pretty good one.

Yee12 0

Snickerdoodle.... get some friends

heartlessagony 0

ouch...sorry that happened

Please tell me you got a prenuptial agreement. No? HA! YDI. /HALF!

FYLDeep 25

Be like, "Bitch, make me a sammich, I ain't paying you for nothing."

xxdakotaxx 0

@91 .. win =D

What did you expect? She knew you was wealthy when you were dating,and Women are all about the Security!!

i love u cos you're first, love for the people that say they're first :) haha and aww, that sucks. she cld be just saying that

Mx_Rider 6

lmao at #1 you ******* fail! op, thats ******... girls these days.. you gotta love them.

#5 she must not care too much about security, or she wouldn't have confessed!!! Sorry OP for your bad luck, but I'm sure if you couldn't see that she didn't love you, others around you could!!!

i love u cos you're first, love for the people that say they're first :) haha and aww, that sucks. she cld be just saying that

Exactly how much money? Lol.

Elfkid21 19

That's tacky.

cut her pretty face before she leaves you so no one else will want her.

DJuan 0

ydi for lettin get know ur rich bfor y'all got serious. in that situation u shouldve acted like an average Joe and when the time is right be like hey btw I'm rich as ****. but instead u chose to be the big shot. dumbass

sugarbabyxoxo 2

how the **** does what you said even make sense. how do you fake being poor or hide being rich. you can't they were married for four years douche bag! like how do you... ugh never mind your an idiot.