By segal1010 - 28/02/2013 00:27 - United States - Potomac

Today, I found out that my mom has linked my iPhone with her iPad and has been secretly reading my texts. FML
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start sending some texts that will freak her out.


Since noone seems to know this The only way for this to happen is if both devices are registers to The same personal Apple id so either op is using The mothers id or The other way around, this is The id that has your billing info and is used when you buy stuff on itunes and The app either case op either has same access to the mothers usage or has given The mother The password to a personal user id

Well then its time you started using Whatsapp. Not that its anymore secure, but you cant link it to another device.

Or you could not share your password with anyone.

Yeah, I'm Captain Obvious, defender of planet No Shit.

It's not its from having the same cloud account... My ex girlfriend did it to me.

Omg...I swear whatsapp is only used by Indians, and I would know since I am one!

start sending some texts that will freak her out.

A pregnancy scare should put her in her place.

Or just start a really dirty conversation, you know something to make her fear ever looking again.

I personally believe that the OP might be underage and the mom is just making sure OP isn't sending naked pictures of herself.

Have someone link you 2 girls 1 cup or something and mislead her into watching it? Vengeance could be fun...

Having someone link 2 girls 1 cup would be totally epic!!! Props to the person who suggested that!!!!!

I wouldn't try that. She might be one of those moms that will turn you in.

Draw a map of your home and draw a big red circle in your parents room. Take a picture and send it to a friend who is in on the joke. Then you can start sending private texts.

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Op should text someone about how they hope the police won't find the body.

The paranoia has set in and everyone is now rushing to delete their messages

Don't really see this happening with a droid.. Plus it won't do any good with net savy parents.. A simple trick past that is to use apps such as: Kik, Text+, Pinger..

Or just turn iMessage off and use "send as text message"

69 Net savy parents can see those.. Thats why I listed those apps..

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Be afraid be very afraid..... That sucks OP

They deserve it because they shouldn't be worried unless they've been doing bad things.

Words from a true 100% goody goody. I don't care if I'm talking about kitties and feed Africa. Children I don't know someone reading it behind my back.

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I think that's a little overboard and an invasion of privacy. I wouldn't want my parents reading my texts, not because I say or do anything they wouldn't approve of, but because it's just nosy to me to read someone's messages.

I agree. I think that with modem technology, parents have a better idea of there kids are doing bad things or talking badly. However, it probably sucks for you

then the mom would be a real pervert for not either stopping it when she first saw it or unlinking the devices.

send weird stuff just to freak her out lol

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Do you have something to hide, OP? I hope not. That's a total invasion of privacy. Just be careful.

Whether or not they have something to hide is irrelevant. OP's mom is invading their privacy which is just wrong.

assuming her mom bought the phone and pays for the plan its well within her limits as a parent to read texts.

I agree with 91. Plus, if OP is under 18 and still living at home then there is no such thing as invasion of privacy. Now if OP is paying her own cell phone bill that's one thing, but probably not. I don't know where this invasion of privacy came from with this generation. If you're under 18, living at home and mommy and daddy pay your bills - you have no privacy!

Actually, according to the law, minors have no rights of privacy. Socially, it's a different matter...

My mom broke into my phone, read my texts, and then got mad at me. I'm 19.

I guess that's an FML within an FML and since I can't click it, Sucks to be you

Get evidemce might be able to prove harrassment?