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Today, after doing a graveyard shift at work, I took the bus home. I fell asleep on the way and woke up 25 miles away from my bus stop. I took another bus heading back and couldn't stay awake. I then woke up where I started from. FML
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lmaoo, at least you had some time to sleep. just keep doing it till the morning x)


haha what a waste of time sounds like it wouldve been morning by the time you got home

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You should have drank coffee, or something else that would keep you awake.

agree^^^^^ also how do you fall asleep on a bus. they're nasty

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there's an iPhone app that rings when you reach a location

aww poor you :( but u really should have drank a cup of coffee of pepsi(cokes nasty! lol)

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I think it's time to get a car buddy

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Lmao get energy drinks dude.

you missed your "stop bus"? twice? hey why don't you give the guy next to you or the driver 5 or ten $ to wake you up at your stop next time. Anyway like others have said caffeine and sugar can solve this problem pretty easy.

I agree with everyone else about the sugar and caffeine ideas but maybe he could get a car for himself? That would make sense...

I don't know if I would want the op on the road...

yeah that's all we need somebody falling alsleep on the wheel and killing someone. just stay on the bus

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yeah... he can't stay awake to get off @ the right stop, but he can to drive home??? my mom drove us off the road when she fell asleep @ the wheel. my head banging against the glass saved our lives... hurt like hell, but we're alive. ask the driver or some1 to wake you up next time op... when I fall asleep on busses/trains in NYC, I somehow manage to wake up at the right stop... just lucky that way. maybe a car is too expensive for op. who knows? just voicing my opinions... *covers head to avoid flying rotten tomatoes*

u don't even need to drink coffee. just stand up on the bus problem solved

if his graveyard is anything like mine? then all that caffeine shit won't work. I used to pound energy drinks all night but could still fall asleep as soon as I sat down.Fyl dude

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If he/she was that tired, driving would really not be a good idea.

#19 he rides a bus you think he could afford a iphone.

Just because you ride the bus, it doesnt mean your poor.

Not really. If he was that tired then he would probably have passed out behind the wheel which would have been much worse. They say driving tired is almost as bad as driving drunk. Better off to pass out on a bus where the worst thing to happen is a missed stop then pass out driving and accidentally kill someone.

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he probably did ask sum1 o wake him but it was in broken english, so they didnt know wtf he was saying.

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lmaoo, at least you had some time to sleep. just keep doing it till the morning x)

#6, atleast you're willing to admit it. Until anti-flop protection sweeps your post away.

just ask the driver to wake you up next time

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haha that's kinda funy but sad at the same time

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ydi for sleepin on a gross bus it's called 5 hour energy or coffee.

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awe do u look cute while asleep? ^-^;;