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By  EpicSquishii  |  21

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Ha ha.. Plenty of mother do like that. Their comment: " you are just an infant, they need to chew and feed you by their mouth to help you swallow easier".. But honestly it's disgusting..ewww:(

  Saone_fml  |  27

Actually 45, birds regurgitate the food, animals that do pre-chew food are wolves and other such animals, because usually young cubs have difficulty chewing even the tenderest of meats. It's a bit icky to think you ate something from your mum's mouth, but for most it won't have been the first thing you ate from her body, and pre-chewed food can be considered your first steps towards solids instead of... mush. ;)

  marxistbkly  |  3

It may seem disgusting, but that is what the majority of mothers in the world do. Depending on where your mother is from and/ or how much money your family had when you were born, feeding you per chewed food may have been the only option for feeding you.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

It was when she wanted to "spoil" me. Like if she had steak and I'd smell it and start crying because my Gerber baby food was gross. She liked to do things like that, and I'm glad she was so accomadating. But it's still gross to think about lol

  muzy  |  23

That's hardly surprising, considering that a lot of mothers clean pacifiers that fell on the ground by sucking them before handing them back to their infants.

  Jessj958  |  19

It's actually really bad for a child if a parent cleans a pacifier that way or even sharing utensils. If the parent has a cavity or bad teeth, their saliva can carry all the bacteria to the child's mouth and cause the child to get cavities. Just some info to pass along lol :)

  nursejohio  |  8


Babies get their immunity from mom, yes, but from ingesting her breast milk *not* her poop. The reason moms poop during delivery is simple physics, in that the shit chute runs parallel to the baby birther. When she pushes, the pressure of the baby pushes out whatever is in the colon. The only "poop transplants" I've ever heard of are still in experimentation stages, and on patients who need colonization with the normal gut flora, not for immune deficiencies. And those, when done, are transplanted by enema or colonic, not by eating the poo-poo.

  DocBastard  |  38

If you're going to use the already-stupid-sounding "Who'd have thunk...", for fuck's sake don't make it sound even worse by misusing "of". Oh, and you left out the "would".

You know what? Forget it. You're just an idiot.


Doc, isallwaysme, c'mon. He's intentionally being stupid, here. Believing that using your dirty, sweaty feet instead of clean, sterile utensils is healthier and more natural? He even said, "But seriously,"

Though it would've been better to say, "Who'da thunk it," anyway.


I may not help with reading comprehension, Sinkhole, but there are a ton of other benefits! Like making friends, getting laid, nailing a job, getting a life...and, um...

Yeah, doesn't help much with those, either.


The "grammatical Nazi" is a hypocrite. Aside from the lack of reading comprehension, his whole bio on here is full of errors. Besides, I don't think anyone has successfully challenged DocBastard on this site before.

  kingkongsdong  |  5

Actually Doc I believe he is referencing another FML. Noor said who of thunk and Pleonasm laughed and said it would soon be a meme. He would make sure of it. I could be mistaken but it's to coincidental to me to have been an accident. Dude was just hopping on the bandwagon.

  kingkongsdong  |  5

It was the FML directly above this one and it was in reply to your comment. Number eleven if I'm not mistaken. Again I could be wrong that's just my take on this situation :0)

  littlemsweirdo  |  12

And hilarious.

Seriously, lighten up. A lot of morons on this site comment the stupidest things. We need People like Doc to ya know tell them what an idiot they are. :)

  oj101  |  33

French wine tastes good when it's made by the old school method so OP's wife must be producing some pretty delicious mashed potatoes! I bet the mash has some lovely bits in it to give it a rustic taste.

  B1ackthesun  |  31

Crushing by foot has been pretty well obsolete for a long, LONG, time. Other than some back yard type makers, It's just one of those things done at festivals etc for show to impress people who know no better. Traditional crush usually means it was crushed in a basket press.
Not to mention the alcohol created during the fermentation actually kills bacteria. Unless she is fermenting her mash into vodka it's just plain nasty no matter how you look at it.

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