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Today, my wife complained that the coffee grounds I swept into the sink grossed her out. Yesterday, I removed several panty-liners from her soiled underwear before doing the laundry. FML
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I cannot believe some people make their bodily functions so gross for other people to deal with. why on earth anyone would leave that in their underwear for someone else to deal with is beyond me. it takes seconds to wrap it in tissue and put it in the bin!


Man have I been there! Be strong brother it is all worth it!

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I would also really like to know how?

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I'm a chick and I would also like to know how.

He's a dog; he just doesn't understand humer interactions yet.

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Worth it?! Oh hell naw. OP is too nice, that shit is nasty. If that was me, I would have left them there and told her to do her own laundry.

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True love doesn't mean you have a free pass to do things like that. That's just disrespectful. My ex used to leave her used, snotty tissues on the counter, rather than putting them in the trash can that was less than 5 feet away. Every time I had to clean that shit up, I was dry heaving, and then I'd wash and scrub my hands raw. It is NOT worth it to clean up after grown adults who are capable of doing it for themselves.

Hell yeah, me too. I don't even take out the bathroom garbage when my lady AND her mom fill it up with that stuff.

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How is this comment even negative??

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Is it wrong I read that in Cleveland's voice? LOL!!

Yes, the Cleveland voice shit is old and not even clever.

lol. IDC how old and played soon as I started reading it, I heard Cleveland's voice in my head. lol

I think that's worth mentioning to her..? So gross!

I simply wouldn't do her laundry if I found that

But that's what true love is, isn't it?

It's not an excuse. When you're married, you go through some gross shit, but you do it out of love. I'm not saying it's his responsibility to take care of her dirty liners unless she isn't capable of doing it herself. I'm just saying that he must really love her, and I give him props for being a caring partner.

I'm sorry but WHY?!?! Can't the nasty woman dispose of them herself? Yuck!!

Exactly! I can't imagine how she can stand leaving them in her underwear until laundry day. I would hate having them there a second longer than they needed to be.

yeah i wouldnt do that to my boyfriend. i even wrap it in toilet paper before throwing it away cuz aint nobody wanna look at that

I cannot believe some people make their bodily functions so gross for other people to deal with. why on earth anyone would leave that in their underwear for someone else to deal with is beyond me. it takes seconds to wrap it in tissue and put it in the bin!

Sounds like the wife is lazy. She's complaining about grounds in the sink and he's doing laundry. Sounds like marrage to me.

Doesn't sound like any marriage I know. I think your standards are off, #22. OP's wife is utterly disgusting. I've never even heard of someone doing that. Ugh.

I agree that what she did is disgusting! However, it sounds like she left it for herself to clean up after. I assume she didn't know her husband was going to do the laundry and merely forgot about it later. (Surely she's not gross enough to just leave it all for her husband to take care of). I also find it interesting that op does all this but hasn't told the wife about it or that he thinks it's gross. Op; either ask her to throw the liners out before you do the laundry, or just leave the undies and do the rest of the wash if it bothers you. Why stay silent if it bothers you so much?

Trust me #48. It's discussing to say the least. I would put them back in her underware drawer the way I found them. What I meant was she seems to think that kind of shit is OK because she complacent in the marrage.

Agreed #6. It's called personal hygiene for a reason!

#94, it would not be okay to put them in her underwear drawer with the clean stuff either.

#94, I doubt they were even in her underwear drawer to begin with because 1) why would he go looking for dirty clothes in the drawers, and 2) maybe they were on the bathroom floor and she was going to take care of it herself later? Except I don't know why anyone wouldn't throw away their dirty panty liner immediately after taking off their underwear...

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Girls are gross, just like the girls toilets. Always pads, blood whatever everywhere.

Maybe in public toilets. But I assumed that whatever animals make that kind of mess there, they at least clean up their act when they're in their own home!

Have you ever been in a woman's toilet? Much worse.

I use the men's room at work cus it's cleaner than the ladies.

#20 trust me, whatever it is, having to sit down and notice a blood clot on the wall next to you iS MUCH WORSE! Lol

Unfortunately, girls can be just as dirty as guys when it comes to toilets. Our women's toilets at work can be worse than the men's. For example, some ******* filthy grub managed to get shit on the floor one day. I don't even understand how they could miss the toilet when you're supposed to be sitting on it.

cutiepie292929 18

Yeh men dont rub their used pad all over the cubicle walls.

You have a good point, #82. Although, if they didn't want their butts to touch the seat, they could put toilet paper on the seat rather than getting shit on the floor and leaving it there for some other poor bastard to see.

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Next time leave her underwear beside her bed.