By Filingfordivorce
Today, it seems my husband didn't realize that "Office Space" is just a movie and began to act like the characters in a pathetic attempt to, "stand up to the establishment!" Perhaps he also didn't realize that attempted arson is considered a federal crime. The bail is $20,000. FML
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By  Nnzyb  |  8

Sorry to hear about your soon-to-be-ex-husband. While it's never fun to see a loved one suffer for their stupidity, I appauld your brave decision and firmly believe you'll be better off in the long run. I've watched a good friend stick by their SO while they were in and out and back in prison and when she finally left him, she found an amazing new partner! But that's not to say being single afterward isn't healthy so you can recover. Best of luck!

By  WTF STFU  |  3

And we wonder why there are disclaimers and don't try this at home be glad he did not go see deadpool, You are much better of without someone that stupid.