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Today, while working in a restaurant, a woman told me I was completely incompetent, was the worst hostess she'd ever seen, and that she would call my district manager non-stop until I was fired. I'd clocked in less than 10 minutes before and hadn't said a single word to her. FML
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Hey guys! Just thought I'd explain since I couldn't fit the whole story into the FML. The woman had come into the restaurant about three months ago with two other ladies. I hadn't been up front at first and she was initially talking to another hostess. The first host tried to sit her at a table, at which point the woman said she wanted a booth. I joined the conversation at this point and stated we had a booth in Ryan's section. The woman exclaimed "Oh! Ryan!" She seemed excited so I said, "Yes, do you like Ryan? I can give you one of his tables." The woman said "Oh no, I have no idea who Ryan is. I've never been here before." I said "Oh, okay then. I'll sit you with Robert. Wait no, Robert just got a table. Let's go to Rachel." I took her to the table, asked if it was alright and she said it was fine. Thinking everything was okay I left. Halfway through her meal I see my manager at the table apologizing profusely. Once he left he asked me what the hell I did to the woman. Apparently she told her server that I tried to seat her at a table, refused to let her sit with Ryan and Robert, and forced her to sit here. She called me a twit, told her server she felt bad because Ryan and Robert were missing out on the huge tip she was going to give them, and that I don't know how to do my job. Since that day she has written to corporate saying that I am condescending, speak to my co-workers inappropriately, and need to be retrained. Yesterday was the first time she actually got in my face about it, and I was so stunned all I could say was "I'm sorry." I'm not trying to make myself out to be the model employee but this lady seems to have a personal vendetta against me. My managers have been understanding about it and I'm just hoping that with time she'll stop harassing me!

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Just talk to your supervisor and they will understand

The customer isn't always right. I'm sorry op


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Just talk to your supervisor and they will understand

In my experience, most managers can tell when a customer is just being an a$$, and when they have a legitimate concern. It probably is a good idea to head it off, but I doubt op will get in serious trouble, especially if she is a good employee. Source: Something similar happened to me.

While that might be true, you have to make sure you can prove it. If this sort of thing happens again, go to the manager ASAP. The less time you're there, the stronger your case. And the fact that you are reporting it makes it even stronger. But remember. While she may be a whack job (or someone looking for free stuff), she may come across to a manager as more reasonable. Especially if she writes a letter.

yes its better to talk to OP's supervisor than that psycho customer...

anyone thought that maybe not talking to the customer for 10 mins was the issue?

The customer isn't always right. I'm sorry op

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Indeed, they can truly be a dick/**** sometimes...

The proper saying is "the customer is rarely right."

Either she was taking her anger out on you from something you have nothing to do with, or she knows you and you have seriously pissed her off without knowing. I hope you don't get fired OP.

Or she thought you were the previous hostess.

I also wonder if the weird customer was expecting Op to have offered to help her or something and the fact that Op said nothing was the problem? Maybe she asked for help when Op passed by and Op didn't hear her? Either way the customer is an idiot and I hope your boss is understanding. Hopefully your boss is a good boss and realizes your value over making 1 customer happy.

Some people have no respect for restaurant workers. :/

?Some people have no respect whatsoever

Well yes, but the FML was about a restaurant worker? No need to generalize!

Some people are really crazy...just tell your manager! You guys might have cameras to prove you weren't talking to her, too!

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Then what on Earth was she mad about? Were you dressed inappropriately? My cousin got fired (same position) bc she showed up in jeans, so just wondering what got your lady all worked up..?

One time a customer b*tched me out to my manager. Why did he do that? I was working in a cafe at a book store, and my coworker and I had a large line (about 7-8 people). I was making drinks, my coworker was on register. A customer comes up to me and says "I need to get out of here quickly, can you ring me out?" I reply "sorry I'm making drinks and can't really help you out". He replied with "Come on, I'm on my break at work and need to get out of here quickly". I told him "You can wait in line, but short of that I can not help you." He went and told my manager that I rudely told him that it wasn't my job to help him. You can't figure these people out.

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#15 As a normal functioning human being, I wouldn't go on a tangent at someone I 'Never spoke to' and try to get them fired for no apparent reason. Some detail is missing in this FML. It might not make sense, but something set this woman off. Unless she's on 'Crack' which you advertise beautifully in your Id pic!


Why is crack in quotation marks?

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Special surprise in food? but really people are crazy fyl.

I bet she wanted you to beg her not to do it and give her a free dinner.

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Side note, the first time she complained about me (see my other follow up comment) she and her entire party did get free dinner.