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By  perdix  |  29

Put some filthy erotic poetry in the trash with graphic imagery of nasty sex scenes.

Just as she is getting orgasmic over it, end it by addressing it to your dad. That ought to fix it.

  MF12  |  0

oh I'm surprised you didn't say something like "YDI for having garbage!!! if you would stop being a lazy fatass, maybe you would have a bugatti like me and a maid!!!"

  iSwag  |  0

I'd feel bad that my mom no longer had a life and spent time going through garbage...a little depressing to see someone you love that much to be doing something like that

@ 34 do you really own a Bugatti?

  FMLowLife  |  0

Keep the trash inside the house until garbage day... problem solved.

Well, unless you mom has a house key... if she does, get new locks... if she STILL gets in, get her arrested for tresspassing. If she STILL continues after the last thing I said... go threw her trash and see how she likes it.