By Anonymous - 22/02/2010 13:27 - Costa Rica

Today, I found out that my mom goes through my garbage. I'm 25 and don't live with her. FML
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perdix 29

Put some filthy erotic poetry in the trash with graphic imagery of nasty sex scenes. Just as she is getting orgasmic over it, end it by addressing it to your dad. That ought to fix it.

That's weird and disturbing at the same time.


they say you can learn a lot about a person by going through their garbage... so what have you been doing lately that makes this an FML?

garuru 4

crazy haha get a restraining order against ur mom

cherrypieguy 0

restraining order won't help trash taken to the road is public property.

it will help hense the being restrained 100 feet away even if its on the street she cant bw qithin the cetain limit.

on no **** your life big time the smallest violin!

Bugatti_Veyron 1

she "goes through your garbage"? is that some weird sexual term you kids use nowadays?

MF12 0

oh I'm surprised you didn't say something like "YDI for having garbage!!! if you would stop being a lazy fatass, maybe you would have a bugatti like me and a maid!!!"

cowgod 0

bugatti is a sexy car. I changed my name to that on facebook

toxic10uhc 0

12 that pic is just plain awesome...

You're lucky, I would have heard her, pulled out my 10mm Delta Elite, and shot first, asked questions later.

iSwag 0

I'd feel bad that my mom no longer had a life and spent time going through garbage...a little depressing to see someone you love that much to be doing something like that @ 34 do you really own a Bugatti?

HeresReality 0

I hate that too. my parents made a facebook pretending to be me, creepy much?

pipp360 0

you never actually "move out" you always live with your parents in you mind and their minds.,.. there's no escape!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the trash inside the house until garbage day... problem solved. Well, unless you mom has a house key... if she does, get new locks... if she STILL gets in, get her arrested for tresspassing. If she STILL continues after the last thing I said... go threw her trash and see how she likes it.

Hey 34, if that's your car in the picture, how come I can search blue bugatti veyron on google and it's like the 3rd image to show up.

cadillacgal79 32

63-is your pic a Hitler pikachu?

CookiesNOJ 0

maybe thats her occupation >=00 everyone has to pay the bills somehow

CookiesNOJ 0

was she wearing ur old used condom on her head?

PsychoMerk 0

cans maybe? :] or she's doing come kind of voodoo magic! D:

PsychoMerk 0

put something nasty in there. or just some syrup.

You must have some pretty awesome leftovers!