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By  badbitch23  |  15

I hate parents with the mindset of kicking you out when you turn 18. That's the most fucked up thing a parent can do. Most people aren't finically stable at 18 and need help before they get out.

  lfrider92  |  21

no clue where you got this from.. but it's entirely wrong. once you turn 18 you are no longer their responsibility. on my 18th birthday my dad told me if I want to to keep living at home, I will owe rent starting in 2 weeks (I was even still in high school at that time!) so I moved out and have been on my own ever since
... your an adult at 18.. not 21

  spacefish966  |  18

my parents have two rental houses next to theirs and with five kids when at the age of sixteen moved us into one of them. We then had to pay rent and utility's to learn to take care of ourselves, then at 18 my parents gave back all the money that we spent on rent and utility's so we would have that money to use on rent ourselves

By  badbitch23  |  15

I hate parents with the mindset of kicking you out when you turn 18. That's the most fucked up thing a parent can do. Most people aren't finically stable at 18 and need help before they get out.

  kirkaygri  |  18

Really? That's odd. I moved out and supported myself at 16 while still in school, so I know its possible. My daughter's have until they finish high school or college, if they choose to go. After that, it's bye-bye or rent is due the first. You want food? Thats board, and is extra. Laundry done? By the pound or a weekly maid fee, your choice. I do plan on putting all money in savings accounts and giving it to them for down payments on future homes. You have to teach them responsibility. And that should start in high school. Know how to prepare for your future. It's really not hard...

  russfml  |  31

When you were 16 it was much more affordable to live on your own even on a minimum wage job. Now it is much harder, you have to find a job that pays more than well and be lucky to get it.

  catherinecas  |  30

Yeah, plus not everyone's circumstance is exactly the same as yours. In my area there are little to no jobs (especially with only a high school diploma or if you have to work around a school schedule or have a physical disability that makes 1/2 of the available jobs impossible) plus rent is so high it's pretty impossible to rent even a single room place on your own.

  Mauskau  |  35

Where I live, if I were to have to move out on my own I'd be paying at least £900 a month just to live somewhere when renting, add bills etc on top and my entire months wages is gone. When I'm at work all day, all I want is somewhere to go home and sleep. That's not worth my entire salary, especially as I wouldn't even be able to get somewhere nice for that price. I'd constantly be asking my parents for help with money. Instead, my dad is happy letting us stay at home and save up to buy a house. I don't see why you'd spend so many years bringing up a child to kick them out as soon as they leave school.

  sturschaedel  |  27

Yeah, well, I'm planning to have my kids move out to attend university (if they want to do so. Otherwise they can move out as soon as they have a job) when they are done with school (18 or 19 depending on type of school). And I'd like a sewing room. That does NOT mean I don't love them or am selfish. I just think moving out to attend uni (or work) is an important part of growing up and gaining independence.

Of course the social system here guarantees that while studying they will only have to work around 10-15 hours a week to support themselves and have plenty time to study, and I can see myself supporting them financially if they choose intense studies and need all the time studying.

Plus, once they are done with uni, if they don't find a job to support themselves in a timely manner, they are welcome to come back and I'm willing to get my stuff out of their rooms without complaint. But I'm sure, once they've lived alone for a couple of years they won't want to stay at their parents place for longer than necessary.

By  flopstar  |  21

That is harsh but I'm sure you'll figure everything out, I'm truly sorry my boyfriend has a similar situation & it breaks my heart how a parent can do this but it creates a strong independent kid! Best of luck op, everything will work out eventually(:

By  GeorgiaBea  |  28

Ok, I get that it sucks... But she has taken care of you, your entire life... And eventually you will have your own house, and family and then it won't matter as much.

  GeorgiaBea  |  28

Renting is your own house... I moved out two weeks after graduation. I know that isn't as common for kids in this economy and with the job market but it is possible to live on your own. I don't get mad that my parents converted my bedroom into my mom's craft room... It's their house.