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Today, my sister walked into my room, saying her boyfriend "forgot something." She then reached under my bed and pulled out a pair of boxers and a condom wrapper. Her response to my disgust was, "My bed was dirty." FML
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Tuesdaythe10th 11

Take a shit on her bed and say the bathroom was dirty

CJ0106 1

Poop on her pillow and say "sorry, the toilet was dirty".


Did the pressure of first comment get to you?

Probably did, happens to the best of us.

Lol 1 you know you'd have done the same thing. Everyone does at some point whether its parents aunts siblings friends w/e. I'd lend mine to a bro If I had to.

just_dandy20 2

#19 I don't think you understand....It's disgusting! Especially if you sleep in that bed and nothing was cleaned! Her bitch of a sister should be slapped. I wouldn't "lend my bed" for anyone. It's nasty! And her sister should have cleaned her bed off, or do it on the damn floor.

Or?? Theres one meaning to whoop someones ass

Trix_Disorder 20

63 - to whoop someone's ass - v. - to yell "whoop" loudly and fervently at another person's posterior. :|

If my had sex on my bed I would make sure she'd wake up the next morning. UNDERWATER.

#86 The last part sounds really familular. Isn't that from Drake and Josh or something?

Sorry, ment to say "if my sister" not "my". 107- Yeah Drake and Josh quotes were funny.

sonny234 0

Get your wetness all over her bed. Hah.

Well at least you can say "magic" happens in your bed?

Sorry kid, there is no "magic" in having sex with someone. And there is even less magic in sleeping in other peoples body fluids.

Magic leaves the building when you know it's your sister's.

beccaishereyay 11

20- Since when is there no magic in sex? I don't know what kind of sex your having but maybe you should try again.

20- of course there's magic in sex! I mean, what else could 50 Cent possibly have meant when he said he has the magic stick?

I thought Fiddy was referring to the cane he was carrying? Have I been wrong the whole time??? Fml

Ok, there might be magic in GOOD sex but there is still zero magic in sleeping in other people's bodily fluids! Plus, what good is having magic happen in your bed of you aren't the one experiencing it.

yoloswagg54 9

And THAT, children, is how babies are made!

Dance magic, dance! Dance magic dance! Put that baby's spell on me!

Tuesdaythe10th 11

Take a shit on her bed and say the bathroom was dirty

Hahaha thank you for posting that, gave me a good laugh.

She bangin in yo bedroom, messin yo bed all up....

coolbrony12 3

Or piss in it at night and make her think it was her. Or both. Yeah.

61- please refer to your own profile picture.

that dosent make sense because her bed is dirty too

CJ0106 1

Poop on her pillow and say "sorry, the toilet was dirty".

savagearmz 6

Hmm this was posted at the exact same time as the comment above, strange.

14- If you look at the date and time the two comments were posted they were posted at the exact time. It happens often. Its nothing worth getting your panties in a twist

Silent_Thrill 17

They say great minds think alike. That must mean this is a GREAT idea!

Did comment 13 get deleted? I don't see it.

xCrazyMexican 4

You and the other guy posted at the same time

Time to get a lock for your door and to tell anyone that asks why.

Or put cameras up. A little cyber humiliation couldn't hurt. Unless of course they are underaged.

Isn't posting a video of someone else's naked pictures taken without their knowledge illegal. Well isn't taking naked pictures without permission illegal? That seems kinda harsh honestly. What they did is gross but potentially ruining both their names and even potentially hurting future jobs if that's why comes up when their names are searched on the Internet. They deserve the humiliation, but the public defacing is too far for me personally.

Well OP, atleast she didnt leave it there without remembering. Just imagine who would have discovered that.

iOceanus 18

OP's mom "What the Hell are these things doing under your bed!?" OP "I swear those aren't mine, Mom!"

Your username sums up what I was going to say.

gashing 2

I would punch her in the overies!

Get a vibrator and leave it in her bed without mentioning that you had not used it. See how she likes it!

dorko_is_me 6

Then your reply should have been, "No shit Sherlock! I wonder how it got "dirty" in the first place!"

gmc_blossom 21

Only your 6th comment on here, and this is what you do?

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Aw give the poor girl a chance. She's just a baby fml-er.