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By  mzhonesty  |  0

I feel sorry for you because you're realizing so late that he's an asshole, but you also deserve it for not working up the nerve to talk to this guy earlier. It would have made life easier to find that out sooner.

I knew my friend for years, and I waited WAY too long to tell him how much I cared about him. 3 months into us dating he died in a car accident. My point is, don't wait for that shit, do it as fast as you can. Rejection is not as bad as we make it out to be.


That was wrong...he should of told you that in the beginning of the date that he was leaving. If you offered to pay for the date then it would be a nice gesture instead of a stupid move by pinning it on you.

You should be glad he's you won't have to spend your time being mad at him and having to look at him while you get over things :)

  wolfPDX  |  0

somehow I have the feeling that he is not moving and was just using that as an excuse. Some guys can pull the "I'm moving" card pretty well, and actually have people believe they are moving.

Reminds me of a time I told all my friends in high school I was moving to another state and kept up the ruse for 2 weeks straight. They fell over laughing when they found out I was jk.

By  BadPinkKitty07  |  0

um ok, I would love to be very sympathetic here, because that really does suck. but honestly, you had a crush on him for two years. did you not know he could be enough of a jerk to pull a stunt like this? :(

oh well, live and learn. I hope it was a good meal though.