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Today, my mom's obsession with cleanliness hit a new low when she bitched at me for having trash in my trash can. FML
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Well it's simple. Take out the trash. (The trash being your mom)


^^ That's the only reason I can imagine anyone's mom would do that. In which case, YDI.

Those were my thoughts too. I find it more likely that the garbage can was overflowing or smelly or something, as oppose to op's mom freaking out because there was one piece of paper in it. I can totally picture the average messy teenager writing this FML when it was merely time to empty the trash can cause it was getting full or because garbage day was that day or something.

Well it's simple. Take out the trash. (The trash being your mom)

Can I take out your comment? I'm sorry, that wasn't nice. But neither was your comment about OP's mom.

If she's living in her Mom's ******* house, I don't think she can take out the 'trash being her mom'. What kind of stupid shit comment is this #2. Her Mom might be over the top, but this is one of the shittiest most ungrateful comments I've ever read. I might be getting over the top myself, about how this somewhat irrationally pissed me off; but show some god damned respect to your parents. My situation is my own, not everyone's got great parents, or parents at all; but everything I thought was 'stupid' as a kid made me one hell of a person now. Douche.

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First off the author has his gender as a guy and second by the way he says "MY trash can" I'd assume it's his house, not his moms

You realize that people have their own cans in their own room while still living with their parents. Even if they are just a kid still..... @#16

#2 was funny. Some of the rest of y'all are way too serious.

Woah, calm your **** #5, it's a joke, like most of the comments on FML Link do the definition of joke.

"Ohhhh he said she ain't got no nipples!"

my mom yelled at me for the junk in my jeans so yeaaa..

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At least your mom didn't yell at you about how you're not a real woman just because you don't clean all the time...

What was in the trash? How much trash? How long since you last took it out? Why am I asking this many questions about trash?

This post reminds me of pulp fiction when the wolf comes to clean up the mess

To get back to her, start fake/real sneezing when she's near. It'll freak her out

OP didn't say that his mom is a germaphobe.

Reminds me of "A" school. (US Navy job specific training after boot camp, for those who don't know.) I got written up for having trash in the trash can in my barracks room during a random room inspection. They claim that trash in the trash can attracts bugs. The thing is, it wasn't even food waste. It was just paper trash. And they had this dumb rule that you could only take your trash out to the dumpster before 7am, but then they also forbade anyone having trash in their trash can at any time. Well what the **** are you supposed to do with trash after 7am? I guess they were preparing us for the immense no-win bull shit we deal with in the fleet.

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This post made me think of the military too. My platoon sergeant told me to council one of my soldiers for having a couple of items in his trash can when they did a surprise inspection after PT. Yeah, I forgot to write that one.

No matter what you do. You will not win. The FMF is the place nightmares are born. I didn't have a single day I didn't get my ass chewed for something retarded until after I picked up sgt. The marine corps is retarded when it comes to shit like that. I had to make my marines police call ******* sand in Afghanistan for christmas sake. shit dumb sometimes. lol

I hope it wasn't just a wrapper or one item...

I'm a clean person myself, But this... this is ridiculous hahaha

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I'd take this any day over having to live with a mother who is a hoarder and keeps everything filthy like my mom does.

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This looks like a job for Osama Bin Emptyin! Okay, I'll see myself out.