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  ironichalibut  |  24

I have a friend who puts little top hats on all their cockroaches. They even clean them up a bit! It doesn't really make them better dancers, but it really classes up the lil' b******s. Maybe Op should try that?

  \  |  28

I used a shrink-ray to open up a tiny restaurant for cockroaches. It's doing really great.

  HiNowDie  |  17

They didn't just sit there and watch, they also recorded it. (;

At least they didn't kill it, or attempt to, while it was crawling all over OP's face. I think an alive cockroach on your face is better than a crushed dead one.

  mackdeezy  |  21

The Cucharacha song is rather sadistic when you think about it. An upbeat tune telling the tale of a cockroach that can't walk anymore because it's legs were removed. But nope, this roach was walking all over op's face.

  Dre27  |  20

Honestly my best friends and I do shit like this to each other all the time, you have no sense of humor if you can't laugh at yourself.