By mac - 27/01/2014 14:40 - Australia - Bankstown

Today, my roommate showed me a video of a cockroach crawling all over my face while I was asleep in the lounge. FML
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Time to stop sleeping in the lounge... And stop being so damn sexy to cockroaches

Time to burn down the house.


That's awfullll

Really? I thought it was quite dandy. Don't you like dancing cockroaches on your face while you take a nap?

I have a friend who puts little top hats on all their cockroaches. They even clean them up a bit! It doesn't really make them better dancers, but it really classes up the lil' b******s. Maybe Op should try that?

Your friend sounds like they are in need of a therapist.

Jokes people.. It was a joke.

\ 28

I used a shrink-ray to open up a tiny restaurant for cockroaches. It's doing really great.

Time to burn down the house.

Time to burn the roommate

whiteboy896 9

Time to burn the house down WITH the roommate inside.

But roaches are immortal!!

Time to play The Sims.... oh wait....

Nice roommate !

caohm 18

Thems fightin words

Agreed. Your roommate is nice not interrupting your nap.

Time to stop sleeping in the lounge... And stop being so damn sexy to cockroaches

How is one "sexy to cockroaches??" Do I have to be afraid to sleep?

Maybe you have full, pouty lips and a come-hither smirk.. Cockroaches love that shit

Time to find a new roommate.

bahamut357 16

Time to find a new apartment/ house :/

Time to find a new town / region

Time to find a new state/country..


Wow, that escalated quickly

Actually it had a nice buildup. It did not escalate quickly.

Ryan you passed over "Time to find a new planet / solar system"

tanner060 3

Why would your roomate just sit there and watch?!

They didn't just sit there and watch, they also recorded it. (; At least they didn't kill it, or attempt to, while it was crawling all over OP's face. I think an alive cockroach on your face is better than a crushed dead one.

Or a pissed off flying one. If it jumped then flew into OP's face again... Sideshow Bob Shudder.

Because that is how the roommate do.

Redoxx_fml 22

La cucaracha La cucaracha!

¡Yo no puedo caminar!

JustStella 28

So that's what they're saying!! I always sang gibberish at that part.

The Cucharacha song is rather sadistic when you think about it. An upbeat tune telling the tale of a cockroach that can't walk anymore because it's legs were removed. But nope, this roach was walking all over op's face.

You have such a nice roommate, at least you know what happens to you while you sleep

Redoxx_fml 22

At that point id rather not know.

Just do something just as bad back to him. Rule #1 of life: Don't sleep with your friends around

It's not your friends you should be worried about, but your 'friends'.

Honestly my best friends and I do shit like this to each other all the time, you have no sense of humor if you can't laugh at yourself.

id rather not 'laugh at myself' if i have a cockroach crawling all over my face.

My friends like to chase me around with big ugly bugs... but a cockroach is taking it to a whole new level. *shudder*

DarkJediLove 19

Considering where you are from, at least it wasn't a spider...or drop bear.

The cockroaches are probably deadly as well.