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  insanesna1l  |  0

In actual fact she is really his cousin but there was a mixup at the extended family reunion. Alcohol was drink, things were said, teeth were counted and it was decided they would be partnered

By  baileeYDG  |  0

What a douche (if it's not a miscommunication).
Maybe he "just wants a hug" (and nothing else).
Ffff. If my boyfriend did that, I'd be pissed- and he'd know it.

By  Javie30  |  0

well refer to him as your "just friend" and hit on other guys......or get drunk and eat away at your misery, filling your sadness with tacos and donuts

By  bobkim302  |  0

Well he should have said girl friend. The only reason he wouldn't is because he must still want her. Now this is my opinion if your his girlfriend then he should say that not my friend. Good luck with him.