By meohmy - 31/03/2011 01:10 - United States

Today, my boyfriend referred me to me as "just a friend" to his ex. They swapped phone numbers. FML
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And you just stood there and said nothing?

I would of said nope I am really an Ex.. and told him to get lost.


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That's rude he should've said a special friend FTF's

You say he's just a friend... Oh baby you...

rallets 22

got what i need...

...incase of an emergency...

Wouldn't the boyfriend already have ex's phone number???

Dump him and date his best friend.

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so take his word for it at this time just having a friend cant be no crime cuz you have friends and thats a fact like agnis agatha jermaine and jack

win to all the people who started singing biz markie. I love you!

ok just do tht to 1 of ur ex and c way he does

And you just stood there and said nothing?

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She took it like the man she is.

^ yea.. without balls..

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^ nd you are an idiot.

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lol @ 97

haha.. I'm with 97;)

I'd of broke his nose.. what a dick

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137. That is the most original comeback I have ever read on this site. Congrats, man.

are you sure he actually is your "boyfriend"? maybe its some kind of miscommunication

In actual fact she is really his cousin but there was a mixup at the extended family reunion. Alcohol was drink, things were said, teeth were counted and it was decided they would be partnered

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^ these

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--> Me


lmao @ 7...that's not nice mate! but yes either miscommunication of where you two stand or you need to just do yourself the favor

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he's using you :)

I would of said nope I am really an Ex.. and told him to get lost.

sourgirl101 28

Yep, I would have said the exact same thing.

gb_chrs 2

yeah, something like "nope, I'm his ex too," then exchange phone numbers as fellow exs

yup then op should of asked for the ex phone number. they are Eskimo sisters now.

definitely agree!

You should hire a private investigator seems like a tough case to solve.

cheaters is the best way to go.

why didnt you just hold him and kiss him infront of her? thats what my girlfriend always does when she's 'jealous'...

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dude... make her jealous all the time

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what happens when you get her really jealous?!

^ that's what I was thinking! what DOES happen!?

What a douche (if it's not a miscommunication). Maybe he "just wants a hug" (and nothing else). Ffff. If my boyfriend did that, I'd be pissed- and he'd know it.

well refer to him as your "just friend" and hit on other guys......or get drunk and eat away at your misery, filling your sadness with tacos and donuts

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yum hahaha

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mmmmmmmmnh donuts...!!!

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Well he should have said girl friend. The only reason he wouldn't is because he must still want her. Now this is my opinion if your his girlfriend then he should say that not my friend. Good luck with him.

And you didn't dump him yet? I know I would with such a ferocious kick, he'd think he was Miss Daisy from Minneappolis.